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mSecure filter suggestion

Just wondering why you have a "Profile" field with no real use for it. Being able to filter items by Profile as well as group and type  would add flexibility to how you sort all your passwords. Is this something that has thought about. 

Hi Bradly,

Thank you for contacting us. I don't know what you mean when you talk about a "Profile" field. I don't know of a field called "Profile" in the default Templates, but I could just be forgetting. All of the fields in the default Templates are there to help with the saving of data related to the record you are creating. If you can tell me in what Template you are seeing a "Profile" field, I can be of more help.

Thanks Mike. Maybe it was something I've added and forgot that I had done so. I save passwords for myself and my wife and thought it would be great to be able to filter entries by "Profile", as in either my passwords or my wifes passwords. Keep up the good work, and hopefully it isn't too long before v6 is out to the public. Cheers

No problem at all Bradly! We just have to get through the final (hopefully) wave of people running into mSecure 4 issues with recent iOS updates, and we'll be back on track for getting the v6 beta phase completed.

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