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IPad fails and update questions!

 Originally asked:

Please tell me:
I have mSecure on a Windows 10 Desktop, a Windows 7 desktop, iPhone 14.6 (which still works!!!) and iPad 14.6 (broken)
What is the correct process for updating all of these?
Will my wifi sync's be remembered?
Will anything else be lost?
Did not yet get a reply to that, so today I decided to try Ver 5 and went to download the trial on my Windows 7 machine. Was very surprised to see the M'soft app store open. I do not use that on Win 7 and try not to on Win 10. Regardless tried, but it would not download. I do not see any related temp files as well.
So, I have Win 7, Win 10 and iPhone using 3.5.6 just absolutely perfectly for me and until maybe last Wed iPad that no longer opens the app.
How exactly can I make this all work again?

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately, mSecure 5 is not compatible with Windows 7, so that is going to be an issue we need to figure out before going any further. The solution to the iOS 14.5 / 14.6 update issue is very simple in that you just have to install mSecure 5, sign in to an account in a fresh state, and then you should be asked if you would like to migrate your information over from mSecure 4. Before we can go through that process, however, you'll need to figure out what to do knowing mSecure 5 can't be run on Windows 7.

So it seems I am Sc*****d either way. I either lose my iPad or Win7 which is my MAIN computer. Yep. And *maybe* iPhone to come.


mSecure 3 works fine on my iPhone 14.6. Why not on iPad? That would so fix it all for me. I would pay for this.

Today I sync easily from Win 7 to Win 10, then wirelessly to both IOS devices. If mSecure 3 could sync to mSecure 5 on IOS devices, done. But it cannot.

I have 460 passwords I do not want to reenter. I need Win 7 compatibility.

What can I do???




Hi Bob,

There is another option here, but it means continuing to use the older mSecure app. The problem with that is, we're not sure when it's going to cause the same issue again in the future. On our devices, everything is working as it should, and we have never seen the upgrade message. In fact, we can even force it to show up, because we don't know what iOS is doing to trigger it to happen. I say all of that to warn you that if you do continue using the old app, it will make it so that you can use all three devices, but possibly even in the next iOS update, it may be that you see the message again so that you can't open the app on your iOS device(s).

If you would like to continue using the old app, you should be able to simply reinstall it from the App Store app. To do that, you can follow the instructions here: Download previous versions from the app stores

Let me know if you have any questions about what I'm proposing here Bob.

Thanks Mike. I am about to try that. I did download Ver5 on the iPad ONLY today to see it. I was very surprised I already had an account for that. I do not recall ever setting it up. Nothing since Ver 3.

First comment is wasted space on the accounts column. Would help if the divider was adjustable to make it wider. It would bring some two lined items to one. I shall continue to look, but of course, that kills my Win 7 main installation!

So - reinstalling!

OK, if I tap "not on this computer" and search, no mSecure. Neither.
If I tap "all", I get both Ver 3 and Ver 5, but both only have "OPEN". It does show under my Apple ID, so that is good, just cannot download.

Do I need to uninstall Ver 3 to reinstall and then sync? Am I missing something?

Thanks again for the dialogue and help.



So it appears to download the old app, the old app must first be uninstalled. I assume I lose all data and settings, yes? But can sync to me computers again. All correct? So likely have nothing to lose as it will not open now.

Would you like a screen shot of the error message Mike or have you seen it?


There's no need to send a screenshot, but thank you for thinking of doing that. That is, as long as the message you are seeing is about mSecure needing to be updated. If it were somehow different, I would definitely want to see that. You are correct in what you said. When you delete the app from an iOS device, the data is lost. However, since you have the data in the old app on other devices, you can simply sync it back over to your phone.

OK, you might not believe this, but.

Deleted Ver3
Reinstalled from purchases. not on this ipad.

It opened with all my passwords!

Now they were all blue, easily fixed. And Sync settings were lost, also easily fixed.

Now back to exactly what it was. Amazing. Thanks for that. I can only hope it stays and was a momentary odd glitch.


Hi Bob,

This is actually normal behavior, and it's due to the newer mSecure 5 app sharing data with v4. Since both apps have access to the same location on the device, which is how the migration process is possible, if mSecure 5 is installed when you delete the old app, the old app's data is not lost. This is something we are aware of, but something very, very risky to advise doing for most users, if that makes sense.

With regards to your last paragraph, the old app continuing to work with continual updates to iOS is the reason we are advising our customers to upgrade to mSecure 5 now. At this point, we're able to help most people who run into the message that the app needs to upgraded. In fact, the majority are simply download mSecure 5 and migrating without even getting a hold of our support. However, we don't know what's going to happen with iOS updates in the near future. We couldn't predict what happens in iOS 14.5 and 14.6, so we think it's only going to get worse as iOS continues to update.

If you continue to use v3 and v4, just be sure that you make regular and consistent backups of your data. On iOS, it's easy to do that from the Settings where you can make a quick email backup. Also, if you use Touch or Face ID, be sure you always know your password, because it will need to be entered manually when you restore from a backup or go through the migration process in a newer version of mSecure.

Thanks Mike. I will be much better prepared now when I am forced to change. And at that time will lose the Win 7 version. Perhaps by then I will lose Win 7, but I so prefer it to Win 10 and I have things there that will not run on Win 10. So it goes....

Much appreciate all your help.


No problem at all Bob! It's great to hear everything is back to normal now, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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