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Purchasing mSecure Pro

I recently upgraded from version 4 to mSecure 5. I am running the 30 day free trial copy. I am going to purchase mSecure Pro. 

I assume it will intrgrate with my copy of MSecure 5.  Do I need to purchase a separate copy of MSecure  for my wife's I phone and  I pad?


Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. When you talk about your trial copy integrating with mSecure 5, can you explain that in more detail? If you are running the trial, after you purchase the Pro license, the account will be changed from trial to Pro. I think that might answer your concern, but I might be misunderstanding something here.

With regards to your wife, she would only need a separate license if you both plan on keeping separate data sets. If you intend to share the same information, then you both can sign in to the same account.

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