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Migration on Mac

Hey good morning, so far migration to V5 has went smoothly. I created a new account with a different email and migrated my IOS devices. I have two OS, a Mac Air and a MAC mini.  Neither one recognize my new password nor do they ask for the new email.  Frankly it went so easy on the OS I that also deleted the previous version on one of my devices but have it on the other. Any thoughts about how to fix?

I also noticed that my email in this forum doesnt match my new V5 email.

Thanks for your help again!

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting us. Our support forum is run through a different account system than the mSecure app, so it's ok that the email address is different. It could be the same, but it's not necessary in order to get support for mSecure.

Getting everything fixed will be no problem at all. It looks like you already had an mSecure 5 account that your Mac mSecure apps were signed in to, so what you'll need to do is reset mSecure on those devices, then you can sign in to the new account you created on your iOS device.

For Mac, the reset process isn't as easy as just reinstalling mSecure, because the db information is stored in a different location than the app bundle itself. Instead, follow the steps below:

1. Open mSecure on that device

2. Click Help in the menu bar at the top left of your screen, hold down the "option" key on your keyboard, and you should see two hidden options appear in the drop down menu

3. Click "Show Data File in Finder", and a Finder window will appear revealing mSecure's database file, which is named, "mSecure.mscb"

4. Close mSecure

5. Move the "mSecure.mscb" file to the trash

Now you have reset the Mac app, and you're ready to sign in to your new mSecure account:

1. Open mSecure on your Mac if it is closed

2. Skip the welcome screens to go directly to the Sign Up / Sign In screen

3. Click "Sign In"

Enter mSecure for the username, then enter the password for that account to sign in to it.

Thanks Mike, that worked perfectly!  I forgot to mention but with your previous support I was also able to get my wife migrated to V5.

Thanks again for your support!

No problem at all Jeffrey! It's great to hear everything is back to normal and running smoothly =)

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