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Sync not working- no access to over 200+ passwords and other critical info

I just tried launching the olc version of MSecure only to find out I have to upgrade due to the recent IOS update- I downloaded the new version and when I selected to migrate my data from the old version it was asking for my password, which it uses facial recognition for, and that is not available for logging in for that feature- Now I have no access to my data- all my passwords, airline points info, hotel points, logins, is all gone... 

Hi Jon,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you find yourself in here. Unfortunately, with the way mSecure 5 works, manually entering your password is the only way to migrate information inf from the old app. Also, since we don't acquire your password or your data in any way, it's no possible for us to retrieve the information for you. I'm really sorry I don't have better news here.

Regarding your password, is it possible you there is a substitution character you need to enter like $ for S or 3 for E? That's a long-shot, but it has helped some customers in the past who don't know the password for unlocking mSecure.

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