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Forgot my msecure password

Can i reset my msecure password and then restore my data from backup file?

Hi Adi,

Thank you for contacting us. The only way you would be able to restore the data stored in a backup file is if you know the password that was used when the backup file was created. The password you were using to unlock mSecure when the backup file was created will be needed to restore the data from that file, so I don't think resetting mSecure is going to help here. Do you know the password you were using to unlock mSecure when the backup file was created?

Hi Mike, You mention the password use to unlock msecure. is the same with the account password?

Hi Adi,

That is correct, the password used to unlock mSecure is the same as your account password. However, this is a little bit tricky, because it's possible you were using an earlier version of mSecure when you created the backup file. In that case, there was no such thing as an mSecure account, so there was no account password, if that makes sense.

Can you give me some context as to how you arrived at the point you are in now where you need to restore from a backup file? Did you have to reset your device, or did you upgrade from an older phone? If I can get some more information as to what happened, I may be able to help.

Actually my android smartphone Operating system was corrupted and hence my all data are not able to rescued since i nees to reinstall the android OS. But i have perform latest backup on late of january 2021 which i may use.
I never take note my account password anywhere...and the only thing that i take note is only msecure unlock password which is if the msecure is getting auto lock

Hi Adi,

Unfortunately, without knowing the password that was in use when the backup of your data was created, there is no way to restore that data. The backup's information is encrypted with your password, and that's how the data is protected from someone who might get hold of the file without your permission. The only way to decrypt the data stored in the backup file is by entering the password used to unlock mSecure when the backup was created. Does that make sense?

Are you able to unlock mSecure and gain access to your information in any version of mSecure running on any of your devices?

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