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App authentication

I can’t tell if I authenticated my app correctly. How can I tell? I have the QR code with the first email. I don’t understand the directions in the explanation.

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for contacting us. I see you asked another question in a different post, but I'll answer that here to keep all our correspondence in this one thread. That other post will be deleted shortly.

Regarding authentication, if you are able to open and unlock mSecure and you are not seeing any messages asking you to upgrade your account, you are authenticated. There is no way to authenticate incorrectly. Can you let me know what makes you think you may not be authenticated correctly?

Regarding the "No forms found" message you are seeing, I'm not familiar with that message, so I'll need more information on what is happening. First, can you tell me what type of device you are using? I think it's an iOS device, but I need to be sure. Also, which web browser are you using when you see this message? Are you trying to use the iOS Password AutoFill feature to auto-fill your credentials in to a website in the Safari web browser?

I feel like I missed a step somewhere during app setup. I have an iPhone8 and an iPad. When I am in safari and I tap on the share icon, when I find the mSecure key, I use my thumb to sign into the password key then a page comes up and says, “No forms found. Make sure a login form is displayed on the content you are viewing before attempting to use mSecure s auto-fill feature”. 

When you ask if I am trying to use the iOS Password Autofill feature to auto-fill my credentials in to a website in the safari web browser....I think that is what I am trying to do. 

This is a new app for me and I am not an expert with computers. 

Thank you for the screenshot Pamela. That screen is displayed when you are trying to auto-fill credentials on a web page that doesn't have a sign in form. For example, if you were to open in your browser, you would be taken to Amazon's home page. That page has a bunch of stuff on it, but there is no sign in form for your credentials to be entered into for signing in to your account. If you were to tap the share icon and then open mSecure on Amazon's home page, you would see the "No forms found" message, because nothing was sent into mSecure to help with getting the credentials needed.

However, if you were to tap the Sign In button on Amazon's home page, then you would see a form with a username field. Tap into that field, and you would get different options above your keyboard in the suggestion bar if you have a Login in mSecure that uses "" as the url or website for the record. Does that make sense?

Real quick, can you tell me the url you are on in Safari when you tap the share icon to open mSecure?

I sorry I don’t know exactly what you mean. I’m confused. Where do I get that information from ?

The url is different every time I try this. Why is it not picking up mSecure’s credentials or user name/password to unlock mSecure? Why does it take me to the no forms found page instead?

The most likely reason is because the page you on doesn't have a sign in form on it. The only way I can figure this out is if I have a URL you are on when you try to use mSecure to auto-fill data. If I don't have that, I can't see what you are actually doing. It may be simple confusion on your part, or there may be a bug in mSecure, but I can't know that unless I can test it out on my own device on the same URL you on when you try to bring up mSecure to auto-fill your credentials.

When you try to bring up mSecure to auto-fill data, you should be on a webpage in the Safari web browser. Tap into the field at the top that has the URL you have loaded in the browser. Make sure that URL is fully selected, copy it to the device's clipboard, then paste the data into an email. Email that to yourself so you can open it on your desktop computer, then you can copy and paste the URL into your next post. Alternatively, if you are responding to this post on your iOS device, simply copy the URL to your clipboard and then paste it into your next post. I will then test to see if I can reproduce the problem on my iPhone.

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