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Edits or new entries not being saved on Android. Multiple issues

I've been having lots of problems with Msecure 5, some never resolved, but for several months I find that making a change to passwords, or adding new entries  and saving doesn't actually save changes or add new entries - even though I get a message saying "new record created" it isn't there.
I try about 8 times and if I'm lucky eventually it does work, but it very problematic.
It almost makes using it pointless.

On my PC, I find that sometimes I have to wait sometime before I can type in a search, or edit an entry even though the software isn't syncing at the time.

I'm running the latest versions of Windows and MSecure etc.

On my wife's android, she can come back to her phone sometime later and the MSecure App hasn't closed - this is a security issue too.

Please help!

Hi Norman,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issues you are experiencing here. I'm not sure what could be causing these problems you are encountering, as neither of them are known bugs. If you are trying to create a brand new record in mSecure on your Android, you should have no problem saving it after you are done entering the information. Can you let me know what type of device your Android is and what version of Android OS it is running? Also, please open mSecure's Settings from the app's menu, scroll down and tap About mSecure, then let me know what version it says in that screen.

Regarding your PC, there are times when you will run into some lag when moving between controls in the app. We are always working on performance, so I do expect the performance to improve as we continue development. That being said, can you explain what is happening in a bit more detail when you try to search for data? Are you saying that you click into the search field, and after focusing that field, it takes some time before it will allow you to type? What happens if you start typing right away?

For your wife's phone, as long as the auto-lock setting is set to lock after a certain number of minutes, the app should lock. We're not hearing reports of mSecure not locking after it's set auto-lock time, and I haven't run into that in my testing. However, that doesn't mean you haven't run into a problem here. Real quick, can you tell me what type of phone she is using along with the version of Android OS? Please send me the version of mSecure that you find in the About mSecure section of the settings as well. Also, in mSecure's Settings, tap on the "Auto-Lock" option and let me know what time she has set for the app to automatically lock.

I have a Samsung S7 Edge  (SM-G935F) running Android 8.0.0 and my wife's phone is a Samsung A5 (2016) model running AF510FXXS8CT18

MSecure version on both our phones  and version on the computer

In terms of MSecure5 on Windows, when it is open I often find that clicking on the search area and typing does nothing for sometime.  Same applies when I start editing an entry.  If I leave it long enough it works, but there is no way of knowing when it is going to work or not.  I just have to keep trying!  There is no lag at the moment.

I have 931 entries - which is rather a lot.

I don't know if it matters whether MSecure is open on more than one device at a time, but I think I've ensured it is closed on all but my phone at times, and it makes no difference.

When my wife adds an entry to her phone, or I edit it on her phone, it doesn't update anywhere else, but it does sometimes the other way round.

It seems there is a syncing problem, but everything is setup correctly, using your Cloud area.

In terms of auto-lock, fort some reason my wife's phone was set to 5 min auto-lock on MSecure, so I've changed that.

As an experiment, I've just added a new login entry to my wife's phone - TEST1 .  It said it was saved, but I could not find it when I searched for it.  Interestingly, I thought I would try syncing and then search.  This time it could be found on her phone.  I would not have expected to find it on my phone or computer without re-syncing first if it was already open, or leaving it a minute or two.  That was the case.

What is even more bizarre though is that I added a new entry on my computer, and when I searched for it on my wife's phone it was there straight away without requesting a sync.  It took several minutes to appear on my phone even after syncing and closing opening the app !

Something that might help generally is when syncing is for it to show how many changes have occurred.  This happens on the PC but not on the phones.

I'll continue to monitor the situation and get back to you.  Can we keep this ticket open?

Kind regards,


My phone: Samsung S7 Edge  SM-G935F running Android version 8.0.0

My wife’s: Samsung A5 (2016) running A510FXXS8CT18

PC version:

Today there is no lag on using Msecure on my PC (which is an i7-6800K @ 3.40 GH with 96 Gig ram) running Windows HOME 10.

When there is a lag, it reveals itself in these ways:

(i) When placing the cursor in the search field, click and you start typing, nothing happens. You type away and nothing is displayed.

(ii) When trying to edit an entry once open, you start typing and nothing happens.

In both cases, eventually when you keep clicking (or leave it 30 seconds or so), it does respond the text input.

The Auto-lock was set to 5 min on my wife’s phone. I don’t know why it was set so long, so I’ve changed it.

In terms of new data entries, I’ve found that when you enter a new password on my wife’s phone and save it, it doesn’t appear, and cannot be found under search.  You can enter the data loads of times, save it but it just doesn’t appear until you sync the data on the same phone.  The new entry appears on the computer pretty much instantly, yet on my phone it takes several minutes, even after several syncs !

It would help if when syncing on the phone that it summarises the number of changes – in the same way as it does on the PC.  That’s away of getting some idea as to whether the change has been recorded.


I’m pleased others haven’t reported these issues (but that is equally annoying !).

I’ll keep a closer watch on things and keep a log. Perhaps we can keep this ticket open until I suggest it can be closed?


Kind regards



Hi Norman,

Thank you for the extra details here. Regarding what's happening on your PC, I'm not sure why the app is lagging when you click in the Search field or other fields in records after entering edit mode. These are both issues I encounter on my PC as well, but not nearly for 30 seconds. Also, the small moments of lag, maybe up to about a second or two, also happen in other apps, so I have just chalked that up to Windows 10 UI quirks. The next time the search field doesn't respond, can you try closing mSecure real quick and then reopening it? This is not a work-around or anything, I'm just trying to see if it is cleared up by a restart. Also, when if it continues happening, when you notice the lag start, just press one key on your keyboard repeatedly about once a second. After the lag stops, do all of the characters you typed when you were pressing the key repeatedly show up, or does it look like the characters didn't register at all?

Regarding the Android issue, I'm not understanding something, or what is happening might be a really simple fix. If the enty you are saving is showing up on other devices after you save the record, then it must be getting filtered out of view some how. I've never heard of one app adding data, that data not being saved in the app, but that data getting synced to another device. If the new data is getting synced to your other mSecure apps, I'm 99% sure it's getting saved in your wife's mSecure app.

Before I do anything else, am I understanding what you said correctly? When you save new data in your wife's mSecure app, is it getting synced over to your other devices? Also, after you see it on your other devices, are you saying you can't find it on your wife's device?

I'll get back as soon as I can - I'm rather tied up for the next couple of days.

Regarding the lag - nothing appears when this happens.  It's as if Windows hasn't recognised that the MSecure window should be active, even though the text cursor blinks.
When this happens again, I'll do what you as and report back.

Regarding my wife's Android.  I'll take a video showing the sequence to show I'm not dreaming - assuming it continues to show this weird behaviour.  I'll send it to you, but that will be later this week.

Sounds good Norman. I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

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