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Relink to Dropbox opens IE which is no longer supported

I'm trying to link to a different Dropbox account. The system default browser is Chrome, and has also been new Edge. Whenever I try to Relink in the preferences - it opens in IE which now shows a dropbox unsupported browser page. How can I get it to use the default, or any other, browser?

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, due to a recent update to Dropbox's APIs that third party apps use for connecting to Dropbox accounts, the Windows app is not able to sync via Dropbox. With Windows applications, the default browser that is always used for these types of procedures is Windows Explorer. We're not sure why Windows use that browser for this functionality, but when Dropbox dropped support for it, that broke the Dropbox sync functionality for mSecure. We currently have a support ticket started with Dropbox's support to see if functionality can be restored, but we're not sure how they will handle things moving forward. We have some ideas to bring back the functionality, but we can't do anything until we hear back from Dropbox.

At this time, the only option is to use mSecure Cloud syncing or Wi-Fi syncing. We definitely recommend mSecure Cloud syncing, because it is the most simple, user-friendly option, and you can start using it by changing the sync option in the Sync Settings of any mSecure app.

Were you able to get the sync feature changed Andrew?

Thanks for taking the time to reply at this time of year.

I tried putting Chrome portable in the path where IE lives and changing it's name to iexplore but the dropbox linking process still managed to find IE.

I looked at moving on to the current mSecure from the 3.5.7 that I love so much and I really can't see me making that transition until I can find a way to filter by group and type. I imported the current 3.5.7 database to a new machine with the current version and I can filter by group, or by type, but not both. For example - in 3.5.7 I can easily show all the email address for a single group. In the current version I can show all the entries for a group, or all the email address for all groups - but not both filters at once.

I cannot use mSecure Cloud Sync as 3.5.7 doesn't have it.

I tried to get WiFi Sync to work as a published port so it would work with the mobile in the field, but that doesn't appear to work. Even getting it to work across the vlans hasn't worked out so well so I'm guessing it's some kind of Bonjour type service that doesn't traverse network segments so well.

I looked around at many alternatives and it appears that I've been very lucky with 3.5.7. I haven't found anything that gives me local database multi platform access to info the way 3.5.7 does. It's the best thing in the world and it's sad it might stop working with dropbox sync. That's going to cause me some trouble if it can't be resolved. I now have a replacement laptop also which I can't really use as I can't get it hooked up.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the extra information here, and thank you for the feedback on what's holding you back from moving to mSecure 5. I'm going to ask our developer about the possibility of adding multiple filters to mSecure 6, which will be more necessary, since we're moving to tags instead of groups in the new version of the app. With tags, it will be much more needed to filter by more than one item, because a user can build more complex organization when adding multiple tags to their records.

In the older mSecure app, it's still possible to use Dropbox syncing using the "Sync with a Shared Folder" option. To do that, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Click "Edit > Preferences" in the toolbar at the top of the app window
  3. Click the "Cloud Sync" tab
  4. Click the dropdown to select a sync feature
  5. In the list of options that appears, click "Sync with a shared file"
  6. Click OK, then navigate to your Dropbox folder and select the "mSecure" folder inside
  7. After it's selected, click OK

Now, instead of mSecure connecting directly to your Dropbox account as it did before, it's simply syncing to the Dropbox > mSecure folder that's stored locally on your PC. After the changes are saved to that folder, the Dropbox app on your computer syncs them to your Dropbox account.

Did that work to get syncing going with Dropbox Andrew?

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