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Can't use mSecure V5 on Windows 10

Can't import accout key file - where do i get the key? the mail has a pdf file - possible is only jpeg, pgn or msecurekey

Can't import from clipboard - the is no file - possible is only jpeg, pgn or msecurekey too

Can't use camera - msecure wants to use mirco but not the camera ...

Hi Ivan,

One thing to point out is that you can't copy just the Encrypted Account Key information from the PDF that was attached to your Authentication email sent out when you first signed in to your account. In order to get that information onto the clipboard, you would need to use the content in the email instead. Real quick, do you have access to the original Authentication email that was sent to you, or did you simply download the attached PDF file and save it? Also, are you able to unlock mSecure on another device running mSecure 5?

Mike, all good now.

There's possibly a bug (or feature) with the application: if you click on the Import From Clipboard option before actually copying the key from the PDF, a file dialog opens (??), behaving the exact same way as the File Import option .  Why would that be? That is kind of confusing. However, if you copy the key first and then click on the click on the Import From Clipboard  option, it works OK. 

In any case, all is good, but I thought the above could be enhanced to be more user friendly.

Thanks for your response! Have a good day.


It's great to hear you were able to get authenticated, and thank you for the feedback! We have some changes coming for this part of the app when in the next major release, so it should be much more user-friendly in the future.

So this is what worked for me. (steps to repeat)

1. Open browser (Firefox in my case)

2. Log into email web  portal

3. Open MSecure key email

4. Hover over QR image

5.  Click on download icon that appears at bottom-right of QR

6. In MSecure click on 'import key' & select the downloaded file

aaaaa.png aaaaa.png
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Thank you for the feedback on how you were able to get authenticated Richard!

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