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Thank you for contacting us. I just checked our email system, and I'm seeing that the ticket is closed. Did you find a solution to your problem, or are you still needing help? If you do need help, can you explain in some depth the problem you are experiencing?

Hello, I am very frustrated at the moment. I take care of my mother and use your app for her things and mine. She has her own login. To make it safe I saved her info in mine. Anyway, she updated her iPad and iPhone and was still using version 4. It won’t let her in now. Ok this is fine, we downloaded the new version 5. It won’t take her password. We have never changed this. There has to be steps she can take to verify herself. This is a software issue you guys have with Apple. We can’t delete all her info. Please give us an option I can let her go thru. She has been logging in with the same info for years, 5 says it is wrong.

Hi John,

mSecure 5 is a different app from mSecure 4, so the systems are not tied together in any way. The old app didn't have an account system, so when you try to sign in to the mSecure 5 app, it's likely the credentials are not the same. For example, you could have "T3$t00" for the password in mSecure 4 and then have "T3$t11" set for the password in mSecure 5. If you then tried to sign in to the account in mSecure and use the "T3$t00" password, it will fail.

Many of our customers run in to this issue, and the solution is to simply reset the mSecure 5 account. Since your mom was using mSecure 4, after the mSecure 5 account is in a fresh state through the reset, you will be able to sign in to the account with password that was set, and the data in mSecure 4 should migrate over as you go through the sign in process in mSecure 5. After you choose which sync feature to use, you should be asked if you would like to migrate your data in from mSecure 4.

I have exactly the same problem. To be honest I have never used a password on the version 4 mSecure. The advise above does not help as I cannot remember my version 4 password.

@Elileen Do you mean that you never set a password for your mSecure 4 app? That was possible, just not secure. If you didn't ever set a password, then when mSecure 5 asks you if you would like to transfer your information in from mSecure 4, don't enter any characters and just hit the Enter key on the keyboard. If there was no password set for the old app, the migration should take place.

I have the new version 5 and all of my data is over but the only way I can get in is with my thumbprint (yes I have an old iphone)   My Version 4 password does not work. Please advise.

@Chuck Thank you for contacting us. Are you saying that you are able to open mSecure 5 with your fingerprint, or are you only able to open mSecure 4 with your fingerprint? If you are able to open and unlock mSecure to view your information, you should be in good shape here, and the fix should be very simple. If you aren't able to view your information in v5, are you able to view your information in v4 by using your fingerprint to open the app?

As soon as I have more clarification and know I'm on the same page with you, we'll work on fixing the issue.

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