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New Windows 10 Computer - No Support

I purchased a new computer, downloaded mSecure and cant get it to work. I have the original authentication email file. When I click to scan QR, immediately get error that could not authenticate without ever giving me a chance to scan. Clipboard is not a file even though it tells you to import the file. I can copy and pass the authentication code but that is not an option. I submitted a help desk ticket with no response. And, there is no phone support. Very unhappy with this company and realize I may have wasted my money. 

Hi Jim,

Thank you for contacting us. I just checked for the email you sent us, and Nick Ross, another one of our support reps, has responded to you. He will help you through this issue, so I'll consider this thread closed.

I received an email today with a solution that worked. Thank you! 

That's great news Jim! Let us know if you need further assistance.

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