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Cosmetic issue: how may I avoid “duplicate” passwords penalty?

Yep, a trite question. I have two URLs on which the same userid/password is used. For example, in one, a URL is used for billing and another URL is used for a sort of troubleshooting-by-the-customer. Both, to sign on, take the same userid and password, and of course mSecure notes a duplicate password. Is the only way to avoid an mSecure gripe to combine these URLs as one mSecure entry?

Hi Albo,

This should be no problem at all. In the Security Center, you have the option to "Ignore" issues found with your password. In the "Duplicates" section, simply find both of the records that are showing up, and tap or click (if you're on a Mac) "Ignore" to remove that record that warning. The number will decrease in the header above, and you will see the two records in the "Ignored" list for future reference.

Thanks, Mike (as always). Will do. (Stay safe and healthy!

No problem at all Albo! Glad to help =)  You stay safe and healthy as well!

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