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2 specific records fail to sync in mSecur 5 from MAC to iOS devices

I found two records that fail to sync between my Mac running version 5.7.2 and iOS versions. There’s nothing I can do to get them to appear in my list in iOS 14. They show up fine on MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina though. Is there some disconnect between Catalina and iOS 14.1 syncing?

Hi Henry,

Thank you for contacting us. You shouldn't have any problems syncing those records between all of your devices, even if there was a Windows and/or Android in the mix. There aren't any known bugs that cause the type of behavior you are describing here. Real quick, can you tell me what sync feature you are using? I tried looking up your account on our server, but I couldn't find one using the email address on your support contact, so I wasn't able to check out the account.

Also, what happens if you create a quick dummy record on both your Mac and iOS device? You can click/tap the + button on the main view of both apps, and then add a Secure Note type of record with test data in it. Do those records sync over to mSecure on the other devices?

You should have both emails in the account. My log-in account email is this one. However the one I use for the database is (the resource I used to contact you. 

As your questions, it took three days to sync two entries from my MacBook Pro->any iOS device (I tried three). It's finally there today. I tried a bunch of things to get it there sooner, all of which seemed to fail. I have had this occur any number of times going in either direction! 

Tried a blank record @1103 from iPhone... Personal Group, Identification Type. It showed up @1107. Made another on my MacBook @1110. Still nothing 15 minutes later, as I write this! Don't understand why these two records didn't get there.  Isn't there something you can do to speed up iCloud sync (IMO even 2 to 15 minutes is bad and one direction sync is worse than the other, Again no understanding of that; certainly you'd have to agree that up to 2 days is too long)? 

I found that iPad created records sync to the other devices in about 2 minutes from an entry being created. The other devices' created records don't appear on the iPad. The older files migrated just fine when I restored my old files from a backup, however. Does this shed further light on how to troubleshoot this issue? I enclose a screen shot from the Mac


Hi Henry,

Thank you for the screenshots. After looking at what I believe is a private post, I was able to check your mSecure account to see which sync feature is being used. It is iCloud syncing, and I believe that is what is causing this to happen. We aren't sure why, but inconsistent syncing is something most developers experience when integrating with iCloud for syncing data. Mostly, it's just a problem with delayed syncing, or, what's even more difficult to understand, certain devices syncing fine and other aren't. It's behavior we have had to try to work through ever since adding iCloud sync support to the app back in version 3 for desktop and version 4 for mobile.

Unfortunately, even if we go through the troubleshooting to try to get everything jumpstarted and working correctly, there is no guarantees it will continue to work correctly in the future. Since the app is simply handing data off to the OS for it to handle the syncing, there isn't anything we can do to make sure the sync actually happens the way we hope it will. The process is at the mercy of Apple's iCloud servers.

What I would recommend here is using mSecure's Cloud syncing instead. Your data is secured in the same manner as with iCloud syncing, but the entirety of the sync process is handled by mSecure, so it's much more consistent and reliable. Would you be ok with switching to mSecure Cloud syncing Henry?

What is the cost of using mSecure's Cloud Syncing. I was reticent using Dropbox because of user limitation issues with their free services. So, likewise, would be reticent using yours as well. I have four devices I must sync, if that is a problem doing that for free (having paid for the app) then there's your answer. 

mSecure Cloud syncing is included with the Pro license. There is no added cost for syncing. Since you have already purchased a license, all you need to do is change the sync feature to mSecure Cloud, and everything should work.


Am I able to access all my data and use it for mSecure backups as well? 


HI Henry,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but none of the sync features cause mSecure to operate any differently than when using another sync feature. Syncing is just a way to keep the same set of data in mSecure on multiple devices. You will be able to see the backups that are made automatically in the "Backups" section of the app's Settings. Those backups are stored in your iCloud account regardless of which sync feature is being used.

Does that make sense?

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