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I received a backup file from mSecure in an 8/25 email  The file is .msib format.  How do I open this file?

My PC runs Windows 10.  I Googled how to open msib. No luck.

You can use this file to restore an mSecure database.

You will need to have mSecure installed then go into settings and use the backups=>Restore function.

Here is a link to the Backups section of the mSecure Knowledge Base:

Thank you, Andy, but that does not answer my specific question.  I am not asking how to restore a database.  mSecure emailed the .msib to me.  I asked how to open it.  If, as you wrote, I would need to go to the Backups section at the support link you sent, then why did mSecure email the .msib to me? What is it?

 Thanks, Andy, but you did not answer my specific question.  I did not and am not asking how to restore a database. I do not need to restore a database.  mSecure emailed a .msib document to me saying it is "my backup".  My question was and is how to open the .msib doc.  If, as you say, I would need to go to the link you provided IF I do need to restore a database, then why did mSecure send the .msib doc, and what is it?

The ios version of mSecure allows you to create a backup and send it in an email - could that be the reason?

 Yes, that could be why, BUT HOW DO I OPEN IT????  Someone should be able to answer this.  How in the world can a company sell a product and have no answer for how to use it?

Its backup - you don't open it - you use it to restore a corrupted mSecure database.

As I said in my first reply you do that from the Restore function in the mSecure application.

The link in my first reply describes how to backup and restore mSecure databases.

When you run a backup it creates a file with a .msib suffix.

If your mSecure database is OK then just hang on to the file in case you have problems.

 Thank you.

Hi Larry,

Thank you for contacting us, and thank you Andy for the help with this question! Just a quick point of clarification, which Andy already touched on, mSecure backup files cannot be opened with any app. The only thing they can be used for is to restore data from the file back into mSecure. The reason it works this way is to keep your information as secure as possible. If the backup file could be opened by another app, the data would have to be stored in plain text in order for you to be able to read the information.

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