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Can't Uninstall mSecure - Win 10

HI. I Forgot my password so I set up a new on one my phone. I now need to uninstall mSecure off my Win10.  I deleted it from Programs and Features, and it is no longer shown there. Rebooted my PC just in case. No change.

But the icon on my desktop still opens to the log in screen. And when I try to load a new version from Microsoft store, it says "Launch". So it hasn't uninstalled.

Hi Gary,

Sorry for the late reply to your issue. I'm not sure I understand what's happening here. For mSecure 5, when you uninstall the app, everything related to the app is uninstalled, so when the app is reinstalled from the Store, there is no way you can still be signed in so that the unlock screen is displayed. When you open mSecure, are you being asked to enter just your password, or are you also being asked to enter your username as well?

Also, when you open mSecure, is the app window a light gray color, or is it a bright blue color? If it is light gray, you are running mSecure 3.x which means you would need to delete the app's database file in order to start fresh.

Maybe most importantly, which version of mSecure do you want to use moving forward?

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