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Error sync with a new Iphone

Hi...I sold my android phone (a recent Samsung S10+) and I bought an iphone 11 but when I login on the iphone with my account I don't see all the passwords that I had on the samsung (and which, fortunately, I still see on the windows application) can i solve? Please help me

Hi Costantino,

Thank you for contacting us. The good news here is that you have access to your information on your PC. Real quick, can you tell me which version of mSecure you are running on your computer? If it's the older 3.5 version of the app, you will need to go through the upgrade to version 5 in order to get both devices syncing again.

May I ask the OP a question? I recall this happening to me once. Check 2 things: be sure the star /favorites filter toggle isn’t selected. If so, unselect and all will reappear. Also check your filter in the groups menu, and check the alpha letter isn’t grouped (arrow points right instead of down). Click on the letter and it will ungrouo and you will see those. Repeat for any other letters grouped. It only happened once so I didn’t question the why. I happened to see the star at the time and saw the cause.

Thank you for helping out here Pamalam! Constantino, if you still need help here, please let us know.

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