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I'm looking for the most efficient way to organize the data I'm keeping in mSecure.  Ideally, I'd like a note for each client, then sub-notes within each client for the various types of data I'm keeping.   Right now, I have multiple notes for each client, named to try and keep them them efficient and make it easy to find the piece of data I'm looking for.  For example

Client1 - General

Client1 - Passwords

Client1 - Installations

Client1 - Employee account credentials

Client2 - General

Client 2 - Passwords

Client 2 - Installations

Client 2 - Employee account credentials

The reality of this is that note all clients are the same, so it is hard to keep organized, and  new stuff that comes along tends to get put in the "General" note, which ends up over time to be several pages long and out of control.  I have multiple employees that access the data on their phones and anyone can add stuff as necessary, so it's gotten to be a mess.

Is there a way to create "sub-notes" so that I can have only 1 main note for each client, but have multiple and different sub-notes within those?

I'm keeping info for a little over 500 clients so it's a pretty big data set.  We're starting to attach more photos as well, which doesn't make it any smaller.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us, and I think I can help here. If I understand the situation correctly, what you will want to do is edit the basd type template you are using for each client. When you edit the type template, you can add any number of fields you would like, which would make it so you could have just one type of record for each client. Also, you could create a completely custom template just for clients, and add any field you need to for organizing the data you store for each of them.

For example, you could create a completely new type called "Client" which you would use for all of the data stored for each client. When creating the type, you could add multiple password fields, an Installation field, Username and other data for credentials, and so on. The sky's the limit really. The only thing that might be a bit of a problem is there is no way to add a custom Note type field to a type template. However, I think you would be ok to just add single fields for all of the data you need to add in each client.

In order to add a new type, you can go to the "Edit Types" option in mSecure's Settings, or Preferences on a Mac. Create a new type, then start adding the fields. Do be aware that each field can be set to certain type of field like "Password" or "Email" or "Phone Number" etc. to store certain pieces of information.

On top of everything you can do with type templates, you can also add one-off, more client-specific information to each individual record with custom fields. You will see the ability to add a field at the record level when creating a new record or editing an existing record.

Does that all make sense?

Thanks for responding.   A lot of the data we have now is free-form and in the notes field.   If I create a FIELD for, say end-user credentials, can I put 50 employee logins and passwords in that one field for client A and 20 employee logins and passwords in that same field for client B?     I was always hesitant to do that, so for things that added up to a lot of data like that, I have just used the note.

If a Field type is expandable like that, then you are probably right that I should go that way.

Along those lines, Let's say I move everyone to a new template like you are describing and then six months down the road I want to add a new field to every client.  Is that possible on a global basis or does each client have to be edited individually?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Mark,

That does seem like a lot of information to handle! The fields that are available to add to type templates definitely shouldn't be used to house large amounts of data. They don't expand to the content, so it would be a nightmare to search for specific pieces of information. Based on what you are telling me, I would actually create a group for each client, then I would add individual records into each group. It would make for a lot more records in the system, but the data would be more separated or organized I would think.

So for a client, I would create the "Client A" group, then I would create one record for each employee of that client. When creating the record, you would add the "Client A" group to it (there's a group picker for that) and then add the credentials and any notes to the record. I'm not sure exactly what you need in the record, but I would probably create an "Employee" type template with all the necessary fields for storing data specific to each employee belonging to a certain client if that makes sense.

For your last question, when you add a field to a template, that field shows up in every record using that template. If you needed to add a new piece of data to each employee record down the road, it is very simple to do. You would add it to the template, then fill in the data in each record as needed.

Lastly, to reiterate information I sent previously, you still have the ability to add custom data at each employee's record level by editing the record and adding fields as needed. Those types of fields will not propagate to the other records using the same template.

Ok, I understand.  I'll give this a go and post back with any questions that come up.  Thanks for the pointers!

No problem at all Mark...happy to be of help!

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