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Can't read complete header

Ever since mSecure switched to the new program and UI, I have had a difficult time seeing the header on my 13" MacBook Air laptop. I do not have the same issue on my mobile phone though because the header wraps around to the bottom. This is not the case with the desktop version. I'm currently using a 13 inch MacBook Air, so my screen real estate is very limited. mSecure already takes up most, if not all, of my screen...but yet, I still cannot see or read the main header. Never sure if I'm clicking on the right login because I have multiple accounts with different distinctions at the end of each header...and it needs to be that way in order to keep everything organized. At the moment, I have to click on the account, then click on the edit button, then click on the header, then scroll to the end of the header to see if I'm on the right account login.

Could you please make the header smaller, and have it wrap around to the bottom similar to the mobile version? Also, I really miss the more compact version of the older UI. Would be nice to have that option available.

Thank you.

Hi Surapong,

I have this in on our radar for our next major release. When you hover over the title in the details view, you'll be able to see the entire title in a popup box next to the mouse.

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