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Favourites and History

Having regularly (multiple times daily) used mSecure5 since it was first released (and been mostly pleased with it) I now have over 300 items its becoming increasingly cumbersome to quickly filter down to a set of items. 

Much has been said about improving the grouping and/or tagging of items for the next release (when?) and this will help but I have two further suggestions:

- Being able to designate Favourites is very useful - especially on Windows where you can click the star and it filters down to just a few of the most used items - but how about multiple different Favourite sets? On Windows full screen the title bar has room for a few more stars - maybe different colours which bring up different sets of frequently used items.

- Many of my 300 odd items are now rarely used but I don't want to delete them just in case. They clutter up the general view. How about having a "hide" setting where an items still exists and can be found - perhaps by an extra menu item - but generally they are invisible. I could add a couple of "Z"s at the beginning of the name to get them to the bottom of the list but that not ideal.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for contacting us. In the next version of mSecure, we are adding a tagging system that will allow you to add multiple tags to each of your records, so that should address your first request. While it won't be the same as having multi-color stars for different types of favorite items, you will have the option to create a broader range of customized organizational structures to help with isolating your information.

Regarding your second request, I have heard this mentioned before, and I like the idea. Others have asked for an "archive" type of feature, but I do like the concept of hiding is better. I will bring this idea up at our next staff meeting to get it on our radar for future development.

Thank you very much for your feedback Andy.

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