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Allow import/export of certain records with family members (spouse with own MSecure)

My wife and I have certain records that need to be in common but not worth sharing a whole backup of each as it will overwrite records. Ideally I should be able to flag records for secure export and then secure import by my wife. This eliminates the need to share passwords for each person’s MSecure in the event of death or accident. It would be nice to be able to securely share records without exposing all records in my/her database similar to shared notes, but I don’t know how to securely do that. This is probably more sophisticated than IOS allows at this time.

Hi Earl,

Thank you for contacting us and the feature request. We are currently working on sharing features that will allow you to do something similar to what you are requesting here. Our sharing features will allow you to share a subset of records in what we are calling a vault or collection. You'll be able to share the vault with any other mSecure user you'd like. We hope to have a major update that introduces this feature in the near future. 


Awesome, thanks for the quick reply Mike, sounds like what you are planning will meet our need. Thanks for the great support and great app.

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