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QR code email on mac

the QR code email arrives on my mac.  But when I try to save it or move it to another folder, it becomes an empty mail item.  Its all very well to say keep the QR code in case you forget your password, but I'm assuming the email makes use of security to prevent being forwarded to someone else, but how can i save it?

Hi Anna,

What program are you using or trying to view your QR code email? Please note that the QR code part of a two-factor authentication system for the security of your account. The QR code cannot be used in case you forget your account password. If you forgot your account password and(or) lose access to your QR code, you will need to reset your mSecure account. An account reset has you start over in our app. 

Perhaps there's an issue with the email you received or your email client. I would recommend sending yourself the QR code email again. Here is an article that shows you how to do that:

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