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Plugins for safari

 Plug in extensions for safari and firefox were in the alpha stage. Are they still in the alpha stage or do you have them?

Hi Ken,

Browser extensions are currently working for Chrome, Firefox and Edge (since it now runs the Chromium engine) in mSecure 6, but we are not in any type of public testing yet. We are currently working on the Safari extension, but it's a more complicated endeavor due to how Apple has implemented them. I imagine we will release a beta program here soon, but I don't have a date right now.

Hi Mike,

Any update on this? It would be really useful to have this feature on Safari. Auto fill and auto save for new sites?



Hi Paul,

We're still working hard on mSecure 6, but I don't have a definitive release date. That release will have browser extension functionality where you can auto-capture and auto-fill mSecure credentials for your online accounts.

Any further updates on a Safari browser extension?

Hi Richard,

The Safari browser extension will support Apple's built-in Password AutoFill features, much like you see if you are using the same features in mSecure for iOS. So there will be full functionality for auto-filling credentials from mSecure, but auto-capture functionality will have to wait until the future. 

Any updates on this? I'm really struggling to stay with MSecure in the absence of this. 

@Ray We're working right now to get the next beta release out that has a fix for the Safari password auto-fill issue. We plan to have make it public before the end of this week.

That sounds promising! I'll hold my breath! ;-)

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