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Unable to activate re-installed copy of mSecure 3.5.5 not accepting my license key

 I created a support ticket about this issue over a day ago and have yet to hear back.  I recently upgraded my PC and thus had to re-install Windows and thus had to re-install mSecure v3.5.5.  After doing so, I entered my email address and license key (that I purchased for $19.99 in October of 2016-and I still have the receipt email and the email with the license key) and after doing so I got the following error message: "Sorry. We were unable to verify your license information."  Please fix this as I will be upgrading another computer and will have to re-install mSecure on that computer as well and I don't want this to keep happening.  Thank you.

Never mind, I figured it out.  I was using v3.5.6 up until yesterday and never realized there was a v3.5.7 which I downloaded and activated! so problem solved!

HI Dean,

mSecure 3.5.5 will not work to activate your license. mSecure 3.5.5 uses an older form of TLS/SSL that our system no longer supports. Please download mSecure 3.5.7 instead to activate your mSecure 3 license:

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