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TOTP code generator support

Allow the ability for Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) codes to be added to a login record, then display the TOTP code along with the username/password. As more and more services start supporting TOTP (I currently have 16 different accounts in my Google Authenticator app), having to use multiple apps for this purpose is getting annoying. If mSecure could manage both my passwords and TOTP codes, that would be awesome.

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Hi Michael,

We are currently working on a TOTP field. This feature will be available in the next major release :-)

Awesome! I'll definitely be looking forward to it then! To have my password AND TOTP codes in one place will be great!

Hi, any news about this topic? Has there been a new major release the last there years? I’m starting tonus applications were TOTP is needed. Br Edward

@Edward There is a TOTP type of field in mSecure 6 already. To use this field, create a new record or edit an existing records, tap the option to add a new field, then choose the One-Time Password field. You'll have the option to enter in the secret information needed to use the OTP functionality, or you can use the scanner to scan a QR code if the site you are using supports that type of functionality.

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