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Copy any field to clipboard on Android

 On my Android Version of mSecure 5 (, I would like to be able to direcly copy the data from any field. I can do this on the Windows 10 version. It is useful in many places, where typing can be a hassle. especially on a mobile device. The user ID on one of my credit cards is a 16-character combination of random numbers and letters that is REALLY hard to enter correctly on their web site. Since the credit card type doesn't directly allow copying the username, I have to open the record for editing, copy the field contents, and close the record without accidentally messing up the record. There are other cases as well that I frequently encounter, such as the VIN and license plate numbers on vehicles.

Hi Dave,

mSecure 5 for Android allows you to copy any field you use. You can either tap the vertical ellipsis icon on the far right or you can tap the blue text field to copy the field. The only field that doesn't work this way is the Note field. The notes field allows you to copy exactly the text in it that you'd like to copy.

Thanks, Eden. Glad to know the copy feature still works, but this is one more example of how inconsistency in the V5 interface is driving me nuts. There is nothing I've found in any documentation that explains how to copy data from a field. On fields with the vertical ellipsis icon, you at least have a good chance of figuring it out. When the icon is missing, clicking on the blue text provides no clue whatsoever that you've done anything. I very strongly prefer having copy to clipboard work like V4, where the interface immediately tells you that you have copied data.

The only fields that don't have the vertical ellipsis icon on the right are fields that don't have an additional action. If a field has no action besides copy, there is no need to add a more options icon next to it. Additionally, you are notified at the bottom when you copy a field (notice the bottom text "'Card Number' was copied to clipboard":

My Android device (Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 8.1.0) doesn't show the "copied to clipboard" message. I looked at the copy feature on my Win 10 installation of mSecure 5, and it has a clipboard icon beside every field that can be copied, and a very obvious notification that a copy operation has been performed. That would be my favorite way of seeing the feature implemented on fields where Copy is the only available action. I'm content with using the vertical ellipsis icon when multiple actions are available, if the "copied to clipboard" message worked.

Thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is a bug or you simply aren't seeing the message. The message is quick and subtle. It took me about 6 screenshots to be able to capture it. We are looking to change this in the future to be a more prominent "snackbar" message like this:

I'm voting "Bug", but it may only apply to my particular device or Android version. I installed mSecure 5 on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9, Android V9), and the message shows up there. Gotta say, I'm impressed that you managed to catch something that disappears so quick!

I like your "snackbar" message format, and suggest that you leave it on the screen slightly longer. The duration in V4 seems to work OK for me, but in on V4 I'm already looking where the message will appear. In V5,  it needs to appear long enough for me to notice it, and then shift my view down to where the message is displayed. Don't think I'd like one that has to be acknowledged to clear, tho. That can ge to be a pain in the neck real fast.

Thanks for the help.

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