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Do you have phone # I can call

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Hi Jayesh,

Thank you for contacting us and I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing. No, we do not have a phone number you can all. We offer no phone support. However, we are happy to help you here directly on the forums, through a ticket created on this website, through an email sent to, on Facebook, and through Twitter as well. Would you like some help here on the forum? If so, please let me know what version of mSecure you are using or trying to use and what type of device you use. Any additional information you can provide would help as well.

Please help backup to my computer

@Larry You can easily back up your data on any Windows or Mac computer. Before I can help, I need to know which version of the app you are running. When you click the mSecure app icon, is it a very dark blue color, or is it a brighter blue in its color?

Dark blue

Hi Larry,

Ok, that would mean you're running mSecure 6. However, I just checked your account using the email you have here in the support forum, and on that account I'm only seeing that at least one Android device has signed in to it. This means you either are signed in to a different account in mSecure on your computer, or you are not signed in to any account on that computer.

First, what type of computer do you have? Second, when you open mSecure on your computer, do you see an email address at the top of the gray lock screen? If you do, what is that email?

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