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sharing mSecure records

My son and I each have our own license of mSecure for iOS. Is there a tool that will allow me to send individual records to him so he doesn't have to type in?

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Hi Rossiehaller,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, mSecure does not currently have sharing features that allow you to share your mSecure information with other mSecure accounts. Fortunately, we are currently working on an update that will introduce sharing features in mSecure. We hope to have this update out soon. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here.

I will be very happy to have this new feature. Are you thinking within a few months? Next year?

Our goal is to release the update within a few months, but there could be some delays that push it out a bit further. We will definitely have the features available before next year. It'll likely be either be an early summer or a late summer release. this a feature yet? Been two years and maybe i missed it

Hi Bob,

mSecure 6 is currently near the end of development, and we are now in the final stages of server work before our first beta is ready for release. In v6, you will have the ability to share records between different mSecure accounts along with other new features, of course. We're hoping the public release will come within a couple of months of the beta release.

Awesome! I use mSecure everyday. If you need any beta testers, let me know. One very important reason that I love mSecure is that it isn't a subscription-based app. I would want to know if you are changing that. Thanks.

Hi Rosiehaller,

While the full details for the mSecure 6 pricing model have not been released, I can tell you that licensed mSecure 5 users will not have to pay an upgrade fee to continue using all of the features in mSecure 5. On top of that, there will be upgrades that come for free to mSecure 5 paid users, but there will also be some premium features that will require a purchase to use.

In short, licensed mSecure 5 users will get an upgrade at no cost, but not all features will be available without an extra purchase. We plan to send out email communication to our customers as we get closer to the mSecure 6 release, and it will outline in detail what to expect for the new version.

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