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How do I import my data from mSecure 3.5.7 to mSecure 5.5?

I have just upgraded to mSecure 3.5.7 to mSecure 5.5 and cannot see how to import all of my original data.  Alternatively, I have just bought a new ipad and need to install mSeure on it but cannot find mSecure 3.5.7 on the appstore. Can you let me know how to do this.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for contacting us. To transfer your information from mSecure 3.5.7 to mSecure 5, simply create a backup of mSecure 3 and restore from that backup in mSecure 5:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 3

2. Click File

3. Click Backup and create a backup file

4. Open and unlock mSecure 5

5. Click the Settings icon

6. Click Backups

7. Click Restore data and select the backup file

If you have mSecure 5 installed on another device, a sync should take place right afterwards assuming that you are using the same mSecure account in mSecure 5 on each device. Also, mSecure 3 for iOS would be extremely old (older than 4 years). However, you can download mSecure 4.5.4 (the latest version of the old app) from your purchased history. Here's an article that can help: 

Note: mSecure 5 will not sync with the previous versions.

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