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Cant get a response from MSecure

Can anyone advise how you get MSecure support team to respond to a query raised via their ticketing system. I contacted them on sunday and again today and cant seem to get any response. Based in Ireland and really find it difficult to get in touch with them. Is there a number you can call? Thanks and appreicate any feedback. 


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i have this question!

Hi guys,

Due to the holiday season and everyone here having additional time off for new year, things are a bit slow recently when it comes to email or ticket responses. We are trying our best to get caught up now that everyone is back from vacation, but it can take a while to response to your tickets. That said, I'm always in here in the forum and I'm happy to answer questions or tackle issues you might have here on the forum. Feel free to ask a question or create a new topic and I'll response usually within a few hours.

Hi Eden. 

Thanks for your reply but I don't think that is an adequate response for a paid service. mSecure advertise a  24 hour response  on all marketing material. It is now the 9th January, I lodged my ticket on 6th January and again today and not a single response from your team to even inform and / or acknowledge a delay. Please advise the date and time one of your team members can schedule a call back with me. I have NO ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT CURRENTLY AND IT IS CAUSING SIGNIFICANT ISSUES ON A DAILY BASIS. 

I await your response. 


Hi I have paid for the upgrade and can open 5.5 but it keeps telling me it’s only a trial version and I would need to pay to get full access. Am I doing something wrong? I am in a fix now because of it. Thank you.

Hi Jane, 

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Can you show me where we advertise 24 hour response on all marketing material? When you send us an email, our auto response does state that we usually respond within 24 hours. That is not a guarantee though. We do not provide phone support so will not be calling you back. Again, I'm happy to handle any issue here on the forum either in this topic itself or if you create your own topic. I'm sorry about the delay that the holiday and new year has caused. Your ticket will be responded to in the order it was received.

Hi P Andrews,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  The purchase of an mSecure 5 license is tied to the mSecure account used to purchase it with. When checking your email in our system. I see a free account that was created on Dec. 7th, 2018. If you purchased mSecure 5 license, you likely did it using a different email address. Can you please let me know any other email address you might have used or provide proof of purchase so that I can fix your account if needed?


Hi Eden I had to change my phone due to a broken screen. Simtanrouslt I also changed my laptop so lost access there: I can still access mSecure via the broken phone using fingerprint ID although it is near impossible to read anything. I lost my password a number of years ago and would welcome your advice on how to get mSecure account set up on my new phone. Should I consider backing everything up, closing down my account t and setting up a new account with latest latest version where I will have a password and not encounter any issues when I change phone and laptop in the future. I am so reliant on using the app daily that at this stage, my preference is a solution which sorts this for the longer term. I am using version 4.5.4 currently and have done an email back up via the broken phone . Appreciate any advice you can offer and will repay a subscription for new account with a password if it means I will sort this

yes that could be either or

Thank you

Hi Jane,

mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system. Since you are using mSecure 4, you have no account in our system. mSecure is also not a subscription service. It is a one time purchase. However, mSecure 5 is a paid upgrade from the previous versions.

Unfortunately, since you don't know your mSecure device specific login password, fixing your issue will be a bit tricky but it's doable if you can use the broken phone. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get mSecure 4 to a state where you actually know your password. Afterwards, you can use mSecure 4 on another device or upgrade to mSecure 5 if you'd like:

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no way to reset your mSecure 4 login password. However, since you still have access to mSecure 4 on your device thanks to Touch ID, you can fix this issue by either syncing your mSecure 4 information to another device that has mSecure 3 or 4 or by simply setting up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4, changing the default cloud sync password, reinstalling mSecure 4 on your device, and setting up Dropbox syncing again in mSecure 4 after you create a new login password. This all might sound complicated, but it should be relatively easy and quick.

Important Note: Please update to mSecure 4.5.4 before continuing

 First, use this guide to learn how to set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4:

 After you set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4, make sure to change the cloud sync password. The cloud sync password is set up using your mSecure 4 login password. However, you can always change it to something else.

  1. Open and login to mSecure 4
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap Sync Setup
  4. Tap Dropbox
  5. Tap "Change your password"
  6. Please exit the settings and go back into the Dropbox settings and tap the Show Password option to confirm that the cloud sync password has changed. This is very important.
  7. Uninstall mSecure 4 (if you're using mSecure 5, you'll need to uninstall mSecure 5 first)
  8. Install mSecure 4. How to reinstall a previously purchased app:

 and follow these steps afterward:

  1. Find mSecure 4 on your home screen, and open it
  2. After tapping on the “Start” button at the bottom of the Welcome screens, go ahead and set your password
  3. Then set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure again to sync back all of your information. You’ll have to use the cloud sync password that you set up initially.

Afterwards, make sure to turn Touch ID on again if you’d like to continue using that feature.Lastly, set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure again to sync back all of your information and don't forget to set up Touch ID again. At this point, you can install mSecure 4 on another iOS device and enable Dropbox syncing to sync in your information or you can install mSecure 5 on that device, create an account, and migrate your information to mSecure 5.

Wish new discussions/topics were created to deal with different issues but whatever.

Hi Paul,

The account was created 4 days ago on our website ( and is a paid account. A license was purchased for that account when it was created. Why did you create a new account to make a purchase instead of using the to make your purchase. It seems that that is the account you are actually using here. You have two options here, you can either reinstall mSecure 5 and sign in to the account that you created and made your purchase with or I can transfer your purchase from to In order to transfer the purchase, you'll have to verify the order number for your purchase though.

It seems the first option is the simplest - but if I took the last option how would I confirm and transfer the original purchase ?


For the second option, simply tell me your order number to confirm that you purchased the license and I'll transfer the purchase from one account to the other. When you made your purchase on our website, you would have received an email from This email is a purchase receipt and includes your Order Number. I just need to make sure you have access or know this order number in order to transfer the purchase from one account to the other.


Hi Eden,

Thank you for the detailed instructions - I sadly got lost on step two. Can you advise another alternative - is it possible to download all the information i currently have on mSecure safely. Then set up a brand new account on mSecure (will repay for new mSecure 5), with new username password etc so I don't ever encounter these issues again. 

Sorry Eden, I meant to add I already have Dropbox syncing set up on that account and have successfully done the sync set up. Does this make it easier to the solution above i am proposing to have a NEW mSecure account with password etc. 

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