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mSecure search stinks, or is it me?!

If I'm looking for my wife's gmail password that is saved in mSecure, and I put a G in the search field, why doesn't mSecure prioritize my search starting with G? It shows all my records that have a gmail password...that's almost all of them.

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It will be much better when tagging is implemented - although its been "planned" for a long time now

Hi Arthur,

Thank you for contacting us. Andy is correct, this will be improved with our planned tagging system. However, this can already be improved by filtering by a specific Group or if using the computer versions, filtering by group and(or) type in mSecure. That would reduce the number of search results to only the group and(or) type you are looking for. Beyond that, the search results are sorted by your Sort By selection. By default, they will be sorted by the records in alphabetic order. You can change your sort to Date, Group, Name, or Type to have different sorting orders in your main view and in the search results.

Hi Eden! As a user of MSecure for many years, I have to agree that the recent change to search to include all fields is a massive retrograde step for me. It is now almost impossible to use search to quickly find many of my records, because one or more of the words in the record name appear in some text field or other of many other records. Search does not even prioritize two words together in the record name over records contain any one of those words, so "First Direct" (a bank) for example finds all records with either of those words in any text field (clue: a lot!), burying the desired result completely. I'd suggest that if no better quick fix is possible an option in settings should allow us to switch to the previous search method. Another pretty quick solution may be to list "record name" matches first and then, afterwards, list matches with other fields. Jon

And, by the way, filtering by group or type is no solution to this. Like most people I have many many records for some groups and 90%+ of those are of type "Login"! :)

Hi Jon and Arthur,

I'm sorry to hear that you do not like the change in our search function. We did it based on lots of user suggestions wanting to be able to get results when searching any part of a record title, field, or note they had. I do like your suggestion Jon of displaying the results by matching titles first and will pass this suggestion along to everyone else here. I'm hopeful that we can do that to help you with your search results in the future.

Thanks Eden!
I only just updated on Android but thew new search is absolutely useless. Please take some tips from Google: One thing that is definitely totally counter-intuitive is that adding a new word is like using "OR" rather than "AND" so adding another word to your search term expands rather than refines it. Since, for me, search was the quickest way to reach a relevant record, this change has made finding things much more difficult. Did mSecure not already search all parts of a record (apart from actual field names, which I have previously requested)? It should definitely do that, but you could improve on that by having an "Advanced Search" feature whereby mSecure allows you to choose which field contains which information. Please fix the and/or problem - I would class that as a bug since it is so counterintuitive - see Jon's post above re "First Direct". Thanks, Ben (Let's see if the forum software accepts my paragraph breaks yet) P.S. searching field titles means searching " user" would find all records with a field called "username" - that isn't useful, but would be useful where there are custom fields that only exist in one or a small number of records. This could be added as an option in settings since some people may think it would be weird.
Wanted to bump this thread and particularly my post above because this way of searching still annoys me - I have to constantly try and come up with a one-word search because once I add a space, the list of results expands again rather than refines.


Yes, guys, please revisit this.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that search fixes for the Android version are on the radar for our next major release.

That is brilliant Mike :)

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