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Windows 10 - take image from clipboard as attachment

I often have websites who want to get answers on various security questions.  I NEVER tell them the truth, but that's beside the point -- I use screen clipping to copy the entire Q&A area including answers, and have to first save the screen clip as an image file on the disk with one program, then import in 2nd step as an attachment into m7.

It would be great to have m7 be able to take the clipped image automatically without going to OS first -- and having to remember to delete the image file later!

Hi Dane,

Thank you for the feature request. I'm not sure how we would go about implementing this feature since our current photo attachment option requires you to click the + button and opens an explorer window. However, I can see us having different options when you click the + button in the future instead and including a paste option there as well. That being said, why not just add Q&A fields to your records? You can do this to individual records or modify the record type you are using to have the extra fields needed. This way, you can use our password field to generate random answer to the questions provided.

For example, this is how I personally feel out my records when having to add questions and answers. Note that I added 3 new password fields to this individual record:

Hi Eden,

in my job, I have a lot of accounts and a lot of questions to track -- and no need for strong answers to the questions.  The questions rotate out of a pool of 30 or so, so I would have to type in 5 questions and 5 answers for each - that's a lot of clicking!  Given that m7 would be notified by Windows that the user just tried to paste a binary image into the application, it would not be difficult to interpret that in context of an open editing dialog box.  At which point you grab the clipboard contents, display to the user to verify, and ask them to confirm adding to the entry currently open, or to cancel.  Once you have the context, it's simple to determine what to do.

Hi Dane,

We are looking to see about adding this feature to the Windows version of mSecure 5. You are correct, it would not be too difficult to get the pasted image and attach it to our application. However, this would have to be something that only works when in the edit record view.

Might not be a perfect solution but I do this by writing the screen clip to a file in the Downloads directory - mSecure then picks it up - just one extra click

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