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Sync Issues


Just upgraded from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5 on both my iPhone and iPad. I made an email backup from mSecure 4, which I restored in mSecure 5 on my iPhone. Then I turned iCloud Sync and opened mSecure 5 on the iPad. There were no items on the iPad (I even deleted and re-installed the app) before the sync. After the sync only 513 items were synced (out of 543) for no apparent reason. Worse than that, the next sync erased the "extra" items from the iPhone! As mentioned above, removing and re-installing the app produced the same result.

I have a long list of other issues, which I'll post in a separate thread, but this one is critical!

Hi Kosmo,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  I'm not sure what would cause the extra records to be removed. However, it seems that the iCloud sync file has those files removed. To fix your issue, please restore from the mSecure 4 backup again. 

Also, you might be able to fix any syncing issues by simply manually syncing. To manually sync on iOS, please have at least one record on iOS or create a test record and follow these steps:

1. Tap and hold the top record
2. Drag the record down and release

Also, I'm happy to cover any other issues you might be experiencing on this single forum post.

Hi Eden,

Thank you for your reply!

I restored more than 5 times from the backup. In all cases the result was the same (only 513 records synched to the iPad and 32 records removed from the iPhone after the next sync) regardless of whether the sync was manual or automatic.

I'll post the rest of the issues tomorrow.

Hi Kosmo,

Perhaps the issue is with the iCloud sync file in that case. I would recommend removing the iCloud sync file before restoring from a backup file in that case. The iCloud sync file is located at: iCloud Drive/mSecure/UserID/data.mssb

Hi Eden,

I guess that the iCloud sync file was the issue. I deleted the "data" file (no extension) from iCloud Drive and my first attempt (restore from email backup, sync) yelded the same result as before, but I notinced that a second file "data 2" (also no extension) was created in the iCloud Drive location, so I delete both "data" files, delete the app from both the iPhone and the iPad, reinstalled the app, restored on the iPhone and then performed a sync with the iPad and this time the sync worked properly (all numbers in both apps match). Needless to say, but this doesn't give confidence in the sync process.

Here are my other issues, questions and suggestions for mSecure 5:

  1. Sync (related to the above): The sync in mSecure 4 is reliable and whenever there was a problem with the sync file it gave an error message. I didn't have any records lost with mSecure  4. The sync in mSecure 5 didn't sync some records and then removed them from the other instance of the app. The timing of the sync in mSecure 5 feels off compared to mSecure 4, e.g. in the old version it felt like the changes were synched instantaneously, while in mSecure 5 there is a noticable delay and therefore uncertainty of whether the sync completed or not and whether it completed correctly or not. I'm not sure whether this is just timing or the lack of summary of the sync is also part of it. I just changed one record and 10+ min. later it was still not synched with the other device. I'm not sure whether the automatic sync is preformed only when the app is active in the foreground, but I had to open the apps on both devices to complete the sync and this doesn't provide confidence in the sync process.
  2. Probably "sync on open" and "sync on exit" will fix the sync timing issue?
  3. There is no way to change the type of an existing record.
  4. Record type is not displayed anywhere, even when editing the record. If I want to create a new record of the same type, I don't know what its type is, so my only option is to duplicate and then edit the record, if I want to be consistent, which it too much work and feels backwards.
  5. The "eye" button to “show/hide sensitive field” is not available anymore. The only option is to tap to bring a pop-up and then tap on "Reveal" or "Conceal" option - two times the taps and the second is on a "moving target".
  6. Inconsistent “single-tap” behaviour: different fields behave differently when tapped - URLs open in browser, others display a pop-up with two options and others display a pop-up with a single option. The old version has consistent behaviour: “single-tap” means “copy to clipboard” and there were small icons representing other possible actions, if available.
  7. Many icons from the previous version do not have an equivalent icon in the new one.
  8. There is no option to add icon found on the cloud to the custom icons.
  9. There is no “Sensitive Alpha-Numeric Field” field type. In the old version I was using the Password field for this purpose, but now the password strength is checked, but this as some of the other analysis done on Password fields is not relevant for fields like PINs and various types of codes, which are sensitive and but can contain letters, numbers and punctuation.
  10. Swiping right from the left edge or taping on “< Back” in some cases takes me back to the top of the list, not to the place where I was. This happens after viewing the record without making any edits.
  11. The dates are automatically formatted, e.g. if a credit card expiry date is entered as “08/23”, mSecure will re-format it as “08/2023”, which is wrong since this is not what is on the credit card. Some  cards have the full year and some have just the last two digits and it is important to have the date recorded as it appears on the card (very important when you have to use an automated phone system which requires the date exactly as it is on the card).
  12. There is no way to filter set of groups, e.g. I have personal and business credentials for the same Web sites and apps and I would like to have the ability to filter out a set of groups, e.g. to show only the items in Personal, Home and School groups and to exclude Business and Travel.
  13. No manual sync button / option in settings (pull requires to go to the top of the list and pull) .
  14. Turning Sync on or off on one device turns it on/off on all other devices automatically. This should be an option, even if it is enabled by default.
  15. mSecure is trying to guess the icons of the new entries and the guess is a hit and miss. This should be an option - I’d rather have the default type icon, than a wrongly guessed one.
  16. It is not clear what happens if I change the password in Settings, Change Password (which is under Account) - the password on the account or the password of the mSecure file?
  17. (Related to the above) Is it possible to have different files with different passwords on file level?

My appologies for the long list!

Thank you!

One more observation about the sync: After a record is updated (probably also applies for new records), it takes 2, 3 and sometimes 4 manual syncs on both devices for the update to be synchronized. It behaves like there is a delay that has to pass in order for the update to be "available" to be synced even if the sync is manual.

Hi Kosmo,

I'm sorry about the delay in my response:

  1. mSecure 4 also had iCloud syncing issues. iCloud syncing is very controlled by Apple and has always caused us some issues. I'm glad you didn't experience it before but plenty of customers experienced odd issues using iCloud in the previous version.
  2. mSecure 5 always checks to see if it needs to sync when the app is unlocked. It syncs on exit when using mSecure Cloud but not when using the other sync methods at this time.
  3. Yes, you cannot change the record type of a record in mSecure 5. We currently have no plans to change that. However, that could change in the future.
  4. Yes, the record type is not displayed on iOS. The record type icon is suppose to help you know what kind of record you are using
  5. Others have pointed this out. We had some design changes that not everyone will like. However, we provide our mSecure Extension and iOS 12 Autofill options to make signing in to accounts on Safari and other apps much easier now without needing to copy and paste passwords.
  6. URL fields don't need to display the view/copy options. URL fields will launch our built-in launcher by default. However, that can be changed to launch Safari instead. Additionally, you can long tap the URL Field get options to launch the url or copy the field. Not all fields work the same so not all fields will have the same functions.
  7. We reduced our app icons from 450+ icons down to about 90+ icons. Yes, there's lots of older icons that don't have the equivalent icon in the new one. Instead, they were mapped to something similar. Thankfully, we do allow you to use custom icons and also provide our cloud icons for icon options now.
  8. I don't know what you mean here. Why would you want to add an icon you can easily always find in our cloud icons to your custom icons? If you really want one of cloud icons in your custom icons, you can download the icon on your own and add it to your custom icons.
  9. We have password and sensitive number fields for your sensitive fields. We recommend using the Password field for passwords or any sensitive information. We recommend using the Sensitive numbers field for PINS that only require numbers. We also recommend using our Credit Card Number fields for credit card numbers. 
  10. Any change to a record such as using a field or making it a favorite will cause mSecure 5 to sync the changes and take you back to the top of your records.
  11. Our Month/Year is set as MM/YYYY. We have no option to change that. However, if a bank or website requires a different format, they will let you know that format. They will inform you visually or audibly if they are needing a MM/YY or MM/YYYY format and it's easy for you to adjust the Month/Year date set for your record accordingly. That said, we also include the Notes field which you can use to make a note of exactly how your Credit Card expiration date is set if you needed.
  12. Yes, you also cannot set a record in multiple groups. This is a limit in mSecure in general (including the previous versions) that we are working to address in the very near future.
  13. There is a manual sync option. You even state as much, but I'm sorry you don't like the current manual sync option.
  14. mSecure 5 uses an account system. Syncing is part of your account settings. We do not have this set as a device specific setting. This isn't something others have requested but we are open to suggestions. Usually, customers that wants to keep things specifically to a device would simply disable syncing and use our backup and restore options instead. I'm not sure why you would want to use a sync option but disable auto syncing. Keep in mind that we do automatically create backups so that you can restore information in case of any issues (mSecure 5 > Settings > Backups). We also have a "Deleted Items" section were all deleted records go to instead of being permanently removed so you can always recover deleted records (mSecure 5 > Settings > Deleted Items)
  15. Our Login record type and any record type with a URL, username, and password field will automatically try to download a site icon based on the URL. Unfortunately, we do not have all site icons for all websites so the regular record type icon will be displayed if we cannot automatically download the site icon. We generally don't have wrongly guessed icons though. Can you let me know what url you are using and what wrong icon is being downloaded? Note that we download site icons based on the base url so something like and would download the same site icon.
  16. An account password is a password for an account. If you change your account password, that change would be for your account and all devices you are signed in to would be affected. Also, a new QR code is created whenever you change your account password.
  17. No. The account password is needed to unlock mSecure 5. However, you can set up fingerprint, face unlock, or a variety of different options using Windows Hello on Android, iOS, Mac, and(or) Windows. 

Regarding your latest comment, that shouldn't be the case. Perhaps you are trying to sync too quickly? If you manually sync on the device making a change, and then manually sync on all other devices, your information should be available right afterwards. That said, iCloud syncing can be a bit slow in general compared to the rest of our syncing options simply because Apple controls how iCloud Drive works entirely. We have much more control of things when using our mSecure Cloud, WiFi, or even Dropbox syncing. With Dropbox syncing, Dropbox gives us full control thanks to their API's.

Hi Eden,

Thank you for your reply!

Please find my comments below:

  1. -
  2. Not syncing on exit is probably one of the issues with the sync timing. In my opinion, this is required in order to have proper sync, e.g. I edit a record, I save it, I exit the application and I expect that the changes will be synced.
  3. This functionality is important, especially when records are migrated from other password managers. I used it heavily when I migrated to mSecure. This is also very useful when there is a need to split an existing type into two and without it a user will have to manually copy the content field-by-field into newly created records of the new type. This will be an enormous undertaking if I have to do it for 10s of records and it errorprone - something that nobody wants from their password manager.
  4. The record type icon can be changed and mSecure tries to guess the icon of certain records, i.e. it is not a reliable indication of the record type.
  5. Easy copy-and-paste and consistent behaviour are not only for usernames and passwords. There are many other fields, which are copied, etc. and are used in places other than Web pages
  6. mSecure 4 had consistent behaviour for all fields: tap = copy, eye icon = show/hide, link icon = open URL, etc. All available actions are clearly visible and all are one tap away. The current design is confusing and requires twice the taps to do the most common actions.
  7. This mapping is part of the problem of not having the record type shown anywhere. I have plenty of "circle" record types...
  8. It is not easy and it is not consistent to find the same icon every time, e.g. when I search for "Travel" in the cloud icons, I get 36 icons and I would like to use an icon which is on the last row of the results. The number of the results and the location of this icon will change in the future and if I want to use the same icon for other travel-related records, I'll have to spend time to find it (and I have to remember the search term(s) I used the first time). If I can save it into my custom icons list all this is not necessary.
  9. mSecure applies checks on Password fields: duplicate passwords, password strength, etc. which are not applicable for many other sensitive fields (and many of them can contain letters, numbers and punctuation). If I use the Password field for these fields, the Security Center will report these fields, which is incorrect and diminishes the usefulness of the Security Center
  10. As I wrote, this happened also when I viewed the record. In all cases, loosing the place in the list is a bug, not a feature.
  11. It is rare to have credit card expiration date in the MM/YYYY format (they exist, but are minority) and enforcing this format on date fields makes the exception to become the rule in the case of credit card expiration dates. Keeping the actual format in the Notes field only adds unnecessary complexity.
  12. This is not what I'm asking for. What I'm asking for is to be able to view only the records from selected groups (not a single group - multiple groups). As per the example I gave above: Let's say that I have two Amazon accounts: Amazon_Personal in the Personal group and Amazon_Business in the Business group, two Google accounts: Google_Home and Google_School (in the Home and School groups, respectively), Mobile_Personal, Mobile_Business and Mobile_Travel (in Personal, Business and Travel groups, respectively). What I'm asking is to be able to view only the records which are in the Personal, Home and School groups (Amazon_Personal, Google_Home, Google_School and Mobile_Personal records) and to exclude the records from the Business and Travel groups (Amazon_Business, Mobile_Business and Mobile_Travel).
  13. Yes, there is manual sync, but it is cumbersome to use. mSecure 4 had the "sync now" option at the bottom. mSecure 5 replaced the bottom row with a pop-up in the bottom right corner and having "sync now" item there would be nice.
  14. Let's say that I have two mSecure files and 3 devices. I want to have one of the files on 2 of the devices and sync them and the other file on the 3rd device with sync turned off. This is not possible with mSecure 5 (but is possible with the previous versions). With the "sync all or nothing" option, turning the sync on one of these 3 devices with wreak havoc on all devices.
  15. I created a Login record for and mSecure set the icon to be the icon of I changed the icon to the scales icon and saved the record. When I updated the url (urls change over time), mSecure again set the icon again to the icon of overriding my selection. Also, some of my Yahoo! records got the Yahoo! icon, some didn't - I'm not sure what the reason for this is , but it happened with other records as well.
  16. I don't want to change my account password. I want to change the password on the file, which is the password of the backup when I make an email backup.
  17. My question is not about unlock options, my question is whether it is possible to have a password on the backup file which is different than the mSecure account password. Having the password the same on the backup and on the mSecure account is a huge security compromise.
  18. I experienced this behaviour several times. According to your reply for #10, after a record is updated, the update is synced automatically and immediately,but when I checked the other device the update wasn't synced, so I did manual syncs on both devices and the update appeared after 2nd or 3rd sync.  I always waited to see the "Sync complete" message before syncing the other device.

Hi Kosmo,

  1. I have written up a bug report about mSecure 5 not syncing on exit when using iCloud or Dropbox syncing. However, I'm not sure when that will be changed. 
  2. If migrating from a CSV file, a user can modify the CSV to use the record types they would like so there is no need to modify things in mSecure itself if importing from a CSV file. We also have a 1Password importer that will migrate record types to the appropriate mSecure record types as well. Additionally, we do not believe creating separate record types is needed very often for many people. We believe having a more robust group feature and a tagging system would work better for customers since the changing of record types is usually due to organizing or re-organizing and not due to a record type actually changing functionality. As previously mentioned, we have a better Groups feature planned and as well as a tagging system which will allow users to more easily organize and filter their information.
  3. We only download site icons for record types that are login record types. Because of that, you should know that the record is a login record type of some sort if the record is using a site icon. The kind of login record you use might be different but if it includes URL, username, and password, it's a login record type and should be viewed as simply a login record type. We include our built-in Login record type for such records (most of the records customers will use), but you can create your own. I would advice distinguishing records by group instead.
  4. .
  5. .
  6. I'm sorry about our reduced number of icons. However, you can change the record type icon for your record types if you'd prefer not the have the blue circle outline as your record type icon for your record types.
  7. Ok. I understand this. However, I believe it would be easier to simply Google the icon you are wanting, download the icon, and add it to your custom icons. That said, I'll make a note of this and see if we can make this a dialogue that asks customers if they'd like to save the cloud icon selected as a custom icon in the future.
  8. The Security Center will only check the strength and age of the first password field in a login record type (a record type that has a URL, username, and password). If your record type is not a login record type, it will not be included in the Security Center.  All additional password fields beyond the very first are also ignored. Additionally, you are free to completely ignore our Security Center or ignore individual records in the Security Center as well.
  9. I did not say this was a feature. It's just not possible at this time to retain a user's place when the app syncs. This is something we can work on for the future.
  10. As previously mentioned, a website, app, or payment system will state how they would like you to format the expiration date. I do not understand how it is hard to see an expiration date of 04/2020 in your record, check that a payment system requires a mm/yy format and easily input the expiration date for your card as 04/20. That all said, you have a valid point that credit card expiration dates are generally set as mm/yy. I'll also make a note of this to see if this is something we can change for the future.
  11. I understand what you are asking or want and said that it is something not currently available but something we are working to enhance in the future.
  12. The Android version has a "Sync Now" option in the menu area. This is something we are looking to see if we should add on the iOS version as well. Specially since a lot of iOS user do not understand or figure out the pull down sync currently used. 
  13. Yes. With mSecure 5, your information is tied directly to your account. We no longer allow independent databases. That is not likely to change.
  14. A record's icon will be updated via the URL field. If you change the url field, mSecure will look for a site icon matching that url. Our site icon download will only happen with login record types that use a URL, username, and password. Additionally, the site icon is downloaded based on the URL filled out. If there is no URL field out, it will not download a site icon. If the record type does not include all three required fields, it will also not automatically download a site icon.
  15. Your account password is the password you use to sign in to your account with, unlock the app, and the password use to encrypt backup files. Note that it is actually not what is used to encrypt your data locally or on cloud service though:
  16. No, it's not possible to encrypt your backup with a different password. As mentioned above, your account password is not what is used to encrypt your data locally nor on any cloud system we offer. For actual data encryption beyond backup files, we use your 46 character locally generated random account key. This account key is created on the very first device you used to create an mSecure account with or sign in with in mSecure 5. It is never stored anywhere in our system and we never have any access to it.
  17. A record is only synced automatically and immediately when using mSecure Cloud or WiFi syncing. If using iCloud or Dropbox syncing, it can take up to 60 seconds for the record to be synced over to those systems and another 60 seconds for the other devices to check and update changes.

Hi Eden,

Thank you for your reply!

  1. -
  2. Thank you! Hopefully this will be implemented soon!
  3. I migrated form mSecure 4, not through a .csv file. Even in this case, I have to be aware of all the differences between mSecure 4 and mSecure 5 and how the new version is going to handle them before I do the migration, which, with 500+ records is not an easy task.
  4. Even if it is possible to identify that a record is a Login record, what about the other record types? I don't know how frequently the build-in record types are used, but mSecure provides a lot of different record types for a good reason and remembering the default icon of the record type just to identify the record type is not user friendly, especially for the less used record types. Also, I don't think that using groups to duplicate already existing information will solve the problem and I'm sure it will create new ones!
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. Migration is supposed to be easy, and should not decrease usability (identification of the records in this case). Also, there a better options, e.g. adding the old icons as custom icons (mSecure 4 kept both the new and the old icons).
  8. -
  9. I get password strength indicator on every field which is of type Password regardless of the record type. Logins are not the only record type in mSecure and having all design decisions focused only on one record type severely limits the usefulness of the app.
  10.  Ok. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  11. -
  12. I requested this feature back in 2013. Hopefully this time it will be implemented.
  13. Ok. Hopefully this will be implemented soon.
  14. This is very bad news! Especially since group filtering is not available!
  15. In the example I provided, the icon downloaded was from a different site. Also, the icon I picked up was overridden when the URL was updated, i.e. "icon guessing" took precedence over my manual selection!
  16. Using the same password for the account, the app and the backups is password reuse! I don't understand why this choice was made, but this makes the whole system less secure!
  17. Same as above. This is password reuse.
  18. The "Sync complete" message was displayed every time before I attempted to sync on the other device and I think it tool far less than 60 seconds for the message to show up. There was no such delay in mSecure 4.

Hi Kosmo,

I'm glad to be having this dialogue.

  1. -
  2. No problem. It's something I've had on the radar for awhile now.
  3. mSecure 5 will migrate everything in mSecure 3 or 4 directly over. However, there are three record types that are now required types in mSecure 5. That would be our Login, Credit Card, and Secure Note types. mSecure 3 and 4 used a Web Logins record type that gets automatically converted to our Login type in mSecure 5. The Login record type requires a URL, Username, and Password. Most users using the built-in types in mSecure 3 or 4 would not experience any issues whatsoever when upgrading to mSecure 5 from the previous versions. However, if you've modified the Web Logins or Credit Cards record type in mSecure 3 or 4, you could experience a few issues depending on the changes made. Some customers have turned the previous Web Logins or Credit Card records types into completely different record types removing all the default fields. In that case, a user can experience some field mismatch issues when migrating their information to mSecure 5. Apart from that, all other built-in types and custom record types are simply migrated over exactly as they are in the previous versions (with the icons being the exception). Migrating a 3k record set should be no harder than migrating a 10 record set beyond the time it would take to restore the information in mSecure 5.
  4. Honestly, I can tell the different between our default record types and my custom record types simply by the icon for the record type. That said, not stating the kind of record it is in the details section is understandably annoying. It's something we can definitely change in the future. I'm not sure I understand the last bit here, but that's likely due to my previous response. Sorry about that. 
  5. -
  6. -
  7. Migration is easy. You simply either walk through our simple migration wizard or create a backup and restore from the backup in mSecure 5. A big objective of our mSecure 5 release was to start fresh and we wanted to reduce and remove unneeded things from the app when we redesigned it and did that code from the ground up. That said, we are still looking at including more/better icon options in future updates.
  8. -
  9. Yes, all password fields have a password strength indicator. I don't understand how having a password strength indicator on the password field severely limits the usefulness of the app. The strength indicator is simply that, an indicator. However, passwords are not analysed for our Security Center unless being used in any sort of login type (url, username, password). A password field having a colored line underneath it should not stop you from using it for any other purpose beyond just a password. For example, I have an AWS IAM record type that I use to store IAM Keys with. This record type uses 3 fields. 1. User (text field) 2. Access Key (password field) 3. Secret Access Key (password field). Fields 2 and 3 are not technically password field. However, I use the Password Field for them because I'd like to keep the field hidden by default. Having additional options/features for the field does not make it harder to use to hide any kind of sensitive information you might have that includes different characters.
  10. -
  11. -
  12. A more robust Group or tagging system is something that is requested by users. However, it is not a highly demanded feature. Please note that simply because you request something does not mean we will implement it. We love user feedback and keep it in mind when make changes or adding features. However, we simply can't just add everything that users request. We have features in mind
  13. Please see the last bit to answer #12. I did not promise or guarantee that this would be available soon.
  14. I'm sorry you feel that way.
  15. Yes. I understand and something I've documented for our developers. I believe they feel it best to update the icon based on the URL so if you change the URL, the icon will change as well.
  16. It doesn't actually since your account password is not used to encrypt your data locally or using any sync method. Using an account system and allowing the account password be used to sign in to an account and unlock an account simply streamlines things and makes our system user friendly. You can learn about our security model here:
  17. -
  18. A sync complete message shows up when a sync was completed. Syncing is on a 60 second timer. It can happen immediately after you make a change or it can happen 60 seconds after you make the change depending on where in the 60 second timer your change was made at. 

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