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Incorrect password on 1 of 3 devices

This morning I changed my mSecure app password on my 3 devices, using the same new password on each. Later today, I tried opening mSecure on my MacbookPro (one of those 3 devices) and apparently I must have created the new password earlier with a slight typo on that device and I have no idea what that was. The upshot is that on my other devices I can open mSecure with the new password but not this device. I'm told it's incorrect.

If I uninstall mSecure on this MacbookPro and then reinstall it there, can I then create the new password properly this time and then tell it where to find my data on Dropbox? I use Dropbox for syncing mSecure.

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I'm afraid to uninstall/reinstall 3.5.7 on this MacbookPro, and then tell it where my Dropbox sync file it. That's because I worry it overwrite that file with an empty file, instead of pulling all the data from that file.

If this is what I should do, then I'll also need to know where I can download v3.5.7.

I found the download site for 3.5.7 (Mac), so I'm just waiting to hear if uninstalling/reinstalling and then creating the new proper password, followed by setting up sync with Dropbox won't overwrite my Dropbox file with a NoData file.

SOLVED. I thought it through and realized this is exactly what I'd do if I installed mSecure on a new device. So  I went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled 3.5.7 and put in the proper password and setup Dropbox sync and I'm good now. Sure glad I used that Dropbox sync.

Hi Ralph,

It's great to see that you fixed this issue all on your own. Please let me know if you need any more help here.

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