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Unable to restore backup

Hello, just downloaded msecure 5 to my new MATE 10. i was using a really old version of msecure on blackberry 10. I followed the guide to convert mscx file to msim via msecure desktop 3.5.6. So i managed to restore the mscx backup on desktop and convert into msim, then i try to restore the msim on my phone, but it just tells me "restore procedure failed" Any clue? TY

Got it: i need both msecure 3.5.6 and msecure 5 (both desktop)



That's great news! It’s good to hear everything is working now. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

I have 2 android devices and today I swapped out one of them and my other updated at the same time. I had no access to the app on either device so no Hint for logging in. Are you able to help with access please? Steve

Hi Steve,

Please create your own topic and provide me specifics about your situation so that I can help you with your issues.

  • Version of mSecure
  • Type of devices
  • Any error messages you are receiving

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