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Sync with a shared file

Please provide the "Sync with a shared file" functionality in mSecure 5 as was provided in mSecure 3.5.6 or later.

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Hi Donald,

Thank you for contacting us and for your feature request. Syncing with a shared file is something we are looking into bringing back into mSecure for Mac and Windows in the future. 

Hi Eden,

I'm still interested in restoration of this feature.  Where do you stand regarding it?

Hi Donald,

As previously mentioned, the sync with a shared file feature is something we've considered adding back to mSecure. However, there does not seem to be much feedback from users who actually want this feature in the app. We will continue to evaluate this to see if it's something that should return into the app.


I agree with Donald! We are still using mSecure 3.5.7 although we bought mSecure 5 in 2017 as we still wait for this feature!

Best regards,


Dear mSecure support

I am also still using mSecure 3.5.7, because it has the "Sync with a shared file" functionality. Re-introducing this feature to the current version would be higly appreciated.

Hi Ralf,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the "Sync with a shared file" feature. Can you provide some updated information on why this feature is needed in your current workflow? There are some obvious things, of course, but we always like to get as much information as possible as we think about features to add to mSecure. Sometimes just one little piece of information can make all the difference when it comes to prioritizing something for the app.

Hi Mike,

It is very simple: I do not want my passwords to be saved on a commercial platform. Local WIFI sync is not sufficient as I need to sync with devices outside my LAN and even within the LAN I have devices that are connected by ethernet cable. My current shared file is on an own server that I access through webdav. This solution ticks all boxes for me and I can easily backup.

Actually, there was a nice article in the ct magazine for computer technology "Ich kaufe ein ****" ( It points to that there are unfortunately only few password managers nowadays that allow for sync via webdav. Reintroduction of a webdav interface would therefore make your product more interesting for users who favour keeping their data on a own server. I should also mention that mSecure scored top in terms of data privacy in the analysis by ct, which confirmed me sticking to mSecure. Regards.

Thanks for asking, Mike. It appears that my response from yesterday was not published, maybe because it contained an URL.

In short, I sync my files through a webdav interface. This means I can also sync outside my LAN or WIFI. I do not want to use a commercial platform to store my password as. I prefer them to stay on my own server. I am still avoiding keepass because it will require an initial investment of time. There are more customers who think like me and reintroducing this functionality will be noticed by the market, because there are not many alternatives that do not use trackers or share usage data with externals.

Thank you very much for explaining all of this Ralf! I'm going to get this on our list of features to look into after version 6 is released. I do agree that having this feature fills a hole that most password managers don't/won't fill, so I'll talk with the development team to see what we can do. I'll talk to them not only about syncing with a shared folder but also supporting webdav, though I think the latter would be much more of a stretch to get into the app.

This is great news, Mike. Thanks.

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