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Refund on 5.5.3

Can anyone advise how I get my $20 back?  I just paid $20 for MSecure 5.5.3 . There is no difference between this version and 4.5.4.  

I don't need to pay to store my passwords in your cloud.  Really not a happy customer.  This was supposed to at a discounted rate and it wasn't 

Please advise how to get a refund.  Thanks 

Hi Elise,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Please create a ticket on this website or email us at for a refund. Please include the email address of the mSecure account you used to purchase your license with or your Order number and we will provide you a refund for your purchase. Note: our mSecure Cloud syncing feature is an optional syncing feature. You can select mSecure Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox, or Wi-Fi syncing in mSecure 5 so you don't need to store any information in our system.

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