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Clear Clipboard

After we copy any field it stays in the memory. This way we can accidentally share some text which is not intended to be.

I hope you consider attaching Clear Clipboard feature.

Attaching screenshot of how it looks from another app.

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Thank you for the feature request. On what platform are you requesting this feature? Note: Android, iOS, and Mac will clear the clipboard whenever the apps are closed/shutdown.

iOS and Mac

Also the Preference setting on Mac for Autocopy username and password to clipboard, can't be turned off (I uncheck the box, but when I open it again the box is checked)

I’ve had this problem for several iOS versions, currently ios12 on iPhone 8+, iPad Air and iPhone 6+. I use another App (PDF converter) to clear my clipboard immediately after using msecure. It’s not good & not a good msecure advert.

There has recently been quite a bit of talk/concern about this online and it appears it is still an issue even on Android (haven't checked IOS).

I haven't checked, but I believe Mike when he says that the clipboard is cleared if mSecure is closed or shutdown, but since people rarely do this it is really not adequate! I thought maybe it would also clear the clipboard when the app locks (requires password/biometric login), but I can confirm, as of today, that a password still exists in the clipboard after the app has locked.

This is a significant regression on Msecure 4 and, particularly as this is now of some interest in security circles and might lead to more exploitation by rogue apps, I really think Msecure 5 needs to urgently fix!

Mike, this is now a problem that is being widely discussed online and could very likely lead to more exploitation by rogue apps.

Unfortunately, whilst I believe you when you say the clipboard is cleared when the app is closed this is not something that people normally do. I thought, maybe, the clipboard would also be cleared when the app locked (requiring a password or biometric login), but can confirm, as of today, that passwords, on Android at least, remain even after Msecure locks.

This is a major regression from mSecure 4 and I am very surprised it remains. Given the current interest in the security community I think it's very important to address it before more apps seek to exploit the vulnerability.

About a year ago I replied re IOS. I’m happy to say that the problem went with the current version, in fact I accidentally closed mSecure after copying my password to reply here, and lost it! Had to reopen, copy, paste and OK. Peter.
Oops!! After my reply of a few minutes ago I flicked mSecure and … another App I use (as before) still shows my password still on the clipboard!! I can, and did, clear it on the other App. IOS 13.4 Peter

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback on this. I'm not sure why the clipboard is not being cleared in the Android version, because it should be cleared a certain period of time after the app is closed. I have this written up to be fixed for our next release, so please let me know if you are still seeing the problem after installing it. As a heads up, that release may not be until mSecure 6 is ready, but I'm not sure at this time. We may need to work on a minor release before v6, and if so, I will get this clipboard issue fixed in that release.

Thanks Mike for the swift positive reply and sorry for my duplicate post (I posted once, didn't see it had been forwarded for moderation, thought my post had been lost and rewrote it!). Can you please clarify what you mean by "when the app is closed". As you know we rarely really close an app on Android. If you mean a period of time after switching away from the app (to another app or home menu) that sounds good.

Hi problem at all. When I said closed, I should have said when you switch to a different app and mSecure is placed in the background. I am not the programmer for mSecure, but if I understand the system correctly, the app is notified when it is placed in the background. At that point in time, a one minute timer should be started and when it completes, the clipboard should be cleared. That will give you one minute to paste the data that was copied from mSecure to the clipboard. When we are able to fix the feature, this will be how it will work.

Does that all make sense Jon?

Thanks Mike, That's very clear and, for me at least, sounds perfect.

No problem at all, and thank you for your patience as we get this fixed.

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