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How do I get my old data to the new version?

I am just moving in circles. Try to log in and won’t let me.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Are you signed in to mSecure 5 on at least one device? Is the issue that you are stuck in the sign in screen in mSecure 5?

I just reset the password and got my data updated. How do I get it on other devices?
I bought the pro version and I can’t get it on my wife’s phone or my iPad. I don’t understand how to use the QR code. Is it a device specific code?
This is the error I get. The local account key doesn’t match the remote account key.

Hi Greg,

If you've gone through an account reset, you are instructed to reinstall mSecure 5 on all of your devices. Additionally, if using iCloud, as you are, you are instructed to delete the sync file. You can find those instructions again here: under the "Signing in after resetting your account" section. The authentication system is account specific. The first device that you use to sign in to mSecure 5 the first time or the first time after an account reset creates an account key. We encrypt this account key and create a QR code for you to use to sign in to your account on any other device after the initial sign in. For convenience, we also email you your encrypted account key.

You can learn about the authentication email: 

You can learn how to setup mSecure 5 on all devices here:

You can learn more about our security model here: 

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