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Remove my free trial & email

OK nothing in this support forum is telling me how to deactivate or remove my email remove free trial. Because I do not want to be paying for this monthly. Why is it so easy to set up something? But then when you want to go into your email account and deactivate on the free trial it wouldn’t let you. Please do not charge me after the free trial was over, because I will Report this’ll Better Business Bureau. It’s very unfair to the customers who are trying to cancel the free trial when they decide not to further this. Thanks

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Thank you for contacting us! Since mSecure 5 and 4 are different apps, you can run them at the same time on your devices. No data will be lost in going back and forth.

When you first create your mSecure 5 account, you should be asked if you would like to migrate your information over from the old app installed on your device. If the migration doesn't take place, you can transfer data from the old app by using the backup/restore feature. Simply create a backup of your information in the old app and you can restore your information from that backup in the new app.

One thing to keep in mind, any new data that you add to mSecure 5 will have to be created manually in mSecure 4 and vice a versa. The two versions cannot sync with one another. 

P;ease cancel, cancel, cancel!

I ordered totally by mistake!

Robert N Gilliam


712-384-5692, Lv msg and I will return the call.

Hi Robert,

I just sent an email to you asking you for the information I will need to process a refund. Please respond to that email, and we'll get everything taken care of.

Encrypted Account Key/ is this any help at all?


The encrypted account won't help for processing the refund. I need to know where you made the purchase from. Did you purchase your license from our website, or from one of the App Stores?


Hi Robert,

I have sent out a couple of different emails to you about processing a refund and removing your account, but I'm not seeing a response from you. Are you receiving the emails I'm sending?

So you don’t know how you got that 30 bucks? Paypal? USAA?  How?

Since I don't know what email you used to make your purchase, and I don't where you purchased the app from, I have no way to find anything about transaction. The easiest way for me to refund your purchase is for you to send me the purchase confirmation email that you receive after the purchase was made. That has all of the information I need and is the reason I emailed you, because you won't want to post that information here on the forum.

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