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Wifif Sync Issue Windows 10 and iOs


i have wifi sync issues between windows 10 and iOs 11.3

on iOs i have the lastest version  - 5.5.3 (723)

what is the latest version on windows?  my installation says Version

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That's an interesting question - on Windows I have but don't see any way of checking this is the latest version

Hi Carsten, 

The latest version of mSecure 5 for Windows is Version You can check the version number on the About section of the settings. You can also always check for updates manually on the Store app though it should be automatically updated. Have you gone through this troubleshooting article to try to fix your issues?

As above my Windows version is - how do I make sure I have the latest? If I look in the Microsoft Store I see that mSecure  5 is installed but I don't see the version or any way to update it.

Hi Eden



thanks for the response


i do not get updates from the window store - it tells me ,that i am using the most current version

i also see no translation for german,... which was a new feature in the latest iOs app


may be due to the fact that i was on the beta channel for iOs and the windows app and somehow got stuck on the old version

To check for updates:

  1.  Open the Microsoft Store app
  2. Click the "More" option next to your account picture icon
  3. Click "Download and updates"

This should for mSecure 5 to update to mSecure However, Carsten, I have had issues where beta testers don't seem to be able to update past 5.5.10. If you can provide me your Microsoft account email, I can remove you from our Windows beta list which would allow you to update if that is the issue here.

Eden - I followed your instructions - clicked on "Get Updates" and it did update a couple of other apps - but not mSecure 5 - its still on

My ms Account E-Mail is

Hi Carsten,

We've removed you from the Windows beta group. You should be able to update to mSecure now.

Hi Eden,

thanks - everything works fine now!

Maybe you should push the latest release to the beat channel or remove all beta testers from the ms store?

Mine is still on - could be many people in the same situation - if you aren't following this forum how would you even know your app was out of date? Even if you go into the MS store it doesn't tell you what the latest version is.

I'm not in charge of that but I did suggest that we remove everyone from the beta testers list. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Hi. Although the issues listed are from 2 years ago, I am also having issues syncing my mobile device (android) to the desktop (Windows 10)  Perhaps I am also be on the beta list.  My desktop version is  My mobile device version is mSecure 5 (version

Microsoft store says I have the latest version.   

Can you remove me from the beta list or let me know what to do next? 

Thank you. 

Hi Valerie,

mSecure is the latest version of mSecure for Windows. You can keep up with the latest versions and release notes here:

Even I am facing the same issue of non sync between Android (Oneplus 6) and Windows 10 desktop. My desktop version is  My mobile device version is Could someone help, please? Thanks.

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