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Pin code on PC/Mac

mSecure 5 on my iPhone work without fail. TouchID is a fast and easy way to access my stored information. Since we had to create an mSecure account, I chose to use a strong password. This problem lies when I need to access information on my Mac. Since I use a strong, random password, it is one I cannot remember. So I have to log into my iPhone with TouchID, copy my password, then past into my Mac.

Without the secondary pin option for PC/Mac, it makes using the software on my Mac painful. If I need to retrieve information, I just use the phone. If I am making new additions, I will use my computer.

Please bring back this feature from mSecure 4.

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Thank you for the feature request. We might add a pin option in the future. That being said, you should be using an mSecure account password that you actually know. If Touch ID is edited in any way on your device, if your device is fixed, if an iOS update changes your settings, or many other possible things happen, you would lose access to mSecure 5 on your device using Touch ID. Please change your mSecure account to something you actually remember. I would recommend a password that is at least 10 characters long. However, the one password you should definitely know is your password manager's password.

Additionally, you'll always need your account password when signing in to mSecure 5 again for the first time when it is installed on a device or reinstalled on a device. mSecure also encrypts the backup files using your account password so the only way to restore from a backup file would be to know what the backup's password is.

How to change your account password:

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