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Sync Error - Need help urgently

hi, I had deleted my msecure from my Mac but now reinstall and now having syncing issue.

 The local account key doesn't match the remote account key.

Please help

Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. An error message of "the local account key doesn't match the remote account key" happens if you go through our account reset process but do not reinstall mSecure 5 on the device you were already signed into. We provide steps on how to do this on Mac at the end of the account reset process and in our "Forgot Your Account Password?" article. To fix this issue, I would suggest creating a backup of mSecure 5, if you have mSecure 5 information on any device, and going through the account reset process again. 

Here are the instructions of what you must do after an account reset in case you need them:


If you reset your mSecure account, but still have access to mSecure 5 on a device or computer, you must reinstall mSecure 5 on ALL those devices. Your mSecure account will still function locally on the signed in devices that have not been re-installed, but will not work to sync information properly until you reinstall and fully sign back into your mSecure account again.

If using iCloud or Dropbox syncing in mSecure 5 prior to an account reset:

  1. Delete the data.mssb sync file
    • Dropbox (Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/accountID/data.mssb)
    • iCloud Drive (iCloud Drive/mSecure/accountID/data.mssb)

You will be unable to use either of these sync features unless the previous sync file is removed. mSecure will create a new data.mssb file when it tries to sync again.

If using a Mac:

  1. Quit mSecure on your MacBook
  2. Open a Finder window and using the menus at the top, select the “Go -> Go to Folder…”
  3. Copy and paste or enter the following text:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.mseven.msecuremac/Data/Library/Application Support/mSecure
  4. Click “Go”
  5. Find the mSecure.mscb file then move it to the trash
  6. Re-launch mSecure
  7. Sign in to your account

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