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Lag in msecure 5.5 android app

I installed latest version 5.5 yesterday. The app has a lot of lag time. It takes 4 seconds to ask for fingerprint then takes 7 seconds for my list to appear after fingerprint is recognized. That's 11 seconds total. I have 297 items. Compared to version 4 which also has 297 items, the two steps take less than 2 seconds. The longest part is inputting password. Is anyone else noticing how slow it it is. I'm running pixel xl with android 8.1.

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Hi Tu,

Thank you for contacting us. We are aware of the performance/loading issues in mSecure 5 and are working on a big update to the Android version of mSecure 5 to address this issue. Our update will be out soon. Here's a preview of our update using a database of 1091 records.

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