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mSecure GONE on App Store

 Why is mSecure 4 missing from the iOS App Store?

I purchased it, and it was available a couple weeks ago.

Where did it go?

It looks like the previous method of downloading mSecure 4 no longer works.

Thankfully a help article was updated about 6.5 hours ago to compensate for this change:

The name of the help article is:   Download the previous versions

Hi Derek,

I'm glad you were able to find our article on how to download the previous versions of mSecure. Please note that we released that article when we released mSecure 5 on May of 2017. It's only been updated a few hours ago because we moved all our support articles and forum to a new website.

I need the app, where I can found the app pleasee

Juan, The old version of mSecure will not show up in a normal search through the app store, you will only find the latest version of mSecure that way.

If you are on iOS you can access all your previously acquired apps through the app store. Click on Updates and then your account icon at the top right. In there you will find a list of everything you have bought and downloaded. As long as the application can run on your current version of iOS you should be able to download it. Note that there is no search function, you will have to scroll through a potentially very long list. It is sorted in order of the date you got each app so it helps if you know roughly when you downloaded it the first time.

Hope this helps!

iOS worked fine. do I find prior paid version of mSecure, in order that it can be re-downloaded to my Macbook without paying further (having already purchased it)?

I see it does show up in my purchase history.


Hi Darren,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  I do not understand your question here. mSecure 4 and below was sold separately on each platform. If you previously purchased mSecure 3 for Mac, you can use our guide to learn how to redownload the version:

Also, that is the iTunes/iOS app Store. If you purchased mSecure 3 from the Mac App Store, please use the Mac App Store to view your purchased list and download the app again. Please refer to the guide get more details.

Hi - I viewed my Mac App Store purchased list and cannot see mSecure 3 for Mac in my purchased apps, which is bizarre as it appears in my app store on my iPhone.  Do I need to pay for the app again, if I re-download it from your website?  Thanks!


Hi Darren,

If mSecure 3 is not listed in your purchased list, you did not purchase mSecure 3 using your current Apple ID or perhaps you did not purchase it from the Mac App Store and purchased it directly from our website in the past instead? Do you know where you purchased the old app from? I found 3 Darren Rough purchases for mSecure 3 in our system. Do you know what email address you might have used to purchase mSecure 3? Note that if one of the 3 Darren Rough in our systems is your purchase, you'll want to download our website version. I'll provide a license number for you to activate your purchase after I confirm your purchase. 

Hi - I would have used or 

And I've now downloaded mSecure 3 from your website.



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