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Add sync button on iOS

Rather than having to scroll to the top of the list and pull for exactly the right length of time to initiate wifi synch - could we have a wifi synch button ?

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for the feature request. Have you disabled Auto-sync in the sync settings? When using mSecure 5 with Wi-Fi syncing, any changes you make on a device are immediately synced over to the "Main Computer." Changes made on the "Main Computer" or other devices do take up to a minute to sync in though. 

The problem is that the wifi sync workflow is not the same as for cloud sync.

In normal use the various devices with mSecure5 installed are never turned on and logged in together. If password changes are made on one or more device they will stay on that device. No synchronization happens.

Periodically they all have to be synchronized - brought to the same location, turned on and logged in together - synchronized and then logged out. Manual sync is generally the most convenient way to make sure all devices are current. 

There should be some method of confirming the last time a Sync occurred and the results.  Without the ability to inspect a status, there will be doubt when the Sync occurred.

I use auto sync and it always works.  When I open any other device including my iPad, iPhone or laptop as soon as I open the  msecure application the sync occurs instantly.  I have never had an error or failed sync.  

Totally agree with this suggestion. I just tried to synch ‘automatically’ and nothing happened. There should be both a ‘synch now’ button and a ‘last synch at...’ notification

There is a sync now function in mSecure 5 on iOS and doing this will also provide you with a sync notification as well.

To manually sync on iOS make sure you have at least one record (create a test record if needed):

  1. Tap and hold the top record
  2. Drag the record down and release

Part of the problem is the implementation.

I understand you are trying to use the standard iOs technique for "refresh" but just see the difference between mSecure and other apps.

Open the Mail app and just gently drag down any point in the screen and you get a predictable immediate refresh.

With mSecure its different - you have to use a very pronounced drag down before it starts the synch.

And its worse if you don't have a connection - sometimes nothing happens - sometimes you get an immediate synch error and sometimes you get the rotating symbol for minutes at a time before it eventually times out.

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