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Profiles Feature - Remember what has previously been entered for some field types

e.g. username is often email address so having that pop up as a suggestion when you start entering it would be useful Probably don't have this for sensitive field types though.

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Hi Ben,

This kind of feature has been previously asked for in many different ways. Here's a few examples: 


Customers would like to have a feature to set certain data such as username and email address and have mSecure automatically fill out username/email address fields with their profile info in any record they create in mSecure.


Customer has asked if we could have something where they could add their personal information (Name, email, username, address, etc.) that would then allow mSecure to ask if they would like to have mSecure fill out their personal information when creating a record with those kinds of fields.


This is on our radar, but it would be great to have others vote on this type of feature.

Yes, I realised it had been asked for before. Perhaps you are working through the old forum posts and reposting them in which case sorry for jumping the gun :) Ben

Don't worry about it. Post all the feature requests you want. I much prefer a user adds the feature request so that others here can see that it's a feature request from our customers not just me adding or re-adding all the features I want :-) 

Hi Eden, as I'm back after a period away I too would like to re-raise this issue :).

For many years now I have raised my wish that at least the username field could offer recently used entries.

I'm sure I cannot be alone in that most of the sites I register with use email address as the username, with no option to use anything else. I reckon 90% of the login entries I create require me to manually put my email address into the Msecure username field. There must be a better way!


I am new to eSecure and have looking to see if that capability is provided. I would be very much in favor of such a feature that would offer suggestions of usernames, and possibly passwords that have already been used for multiple entries. 

Can I kick this one back up to the top for consideration!

As you say, Eden, this has been asked in many ways over the years but as time goes by it only becomes more common that your username, at least, is either your email address or some alias/nickname that you prefer to go by. Just being able to pick from a few favourite strings when filling in fields would save probably half the time it takes to create them!

Thanks for looking at this again.

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