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mSecure extension for safari Mac

Hi there I'm new to m-secure. I was wondering if there is any way to save automatically the username and passwords saved in the m-secure app when I use safari on my desktop Mac as other password keepers do? or do I have to do it always manually in the m-secure app?

Hi Alkis,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 for Mac and Windows does not currently have browser plugins. Plugins are in the works. However, all mSecure 5 can do on your Mac is automatically copy the username and(or) password whenever you click on your record's URL. 

You can find the option to copy the username/password in the General Settings in the mSecure 5 preferences.

mSecure General Settings

Later this year, we hope to have browser plugins/extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.

Looking forward to a Chrome extension for the desktop! That's the only feature I see missing so far. 

In reference to above comments from 2 years ago, Is there an update for MAC OS Safari extension?

Hi Nilesh,

Both the Chrome and Firefox extensions are beta-ready, but there is still some work for the Safari extension. As soon as possible, we will be releasing mSecure 6 for beta testing, and then it will be released as soon as we are sure everything is working as it should. There is no concrete release date yet, but all our efforts are focused on the v6 release now.

Hello. As I understand this is over a year old, and still no support for Safari extension? Seems strange that a MacOS native app doesn't support Apples own browser, but only third party ones?

You also mention a v6 beta-also a year ago(?). When will that be available?

@Tomas We are currently in beta testing for v6 now. The browser extensions will be released for Chrome and FireFox in 6.0, and Safari will have MacOS Password AutoFill support when it is released.

Sounds interresting. What I have read here in this thread makes the new v 6 sound interresting. Been betatesting 1Password 8, and that’s why I now am moving to mSecure and purchased a license today.

@Thomas That's great to hear, and welcome aboard!! We're getting more looks these days after 1Password made the changes they made in version 8. Not sure if that's sign of things to come, but apparently there are lots of changes people aren't liking in the new version of that app.

If you are interested in beta testing for mSecure 6, let me know. We can always use good feedback.

Sure, I’m interrested. Just sent an email to you.

Great Tomas! I just sent you an email asking for information I'll need to get you access to the beta builds.

Have sent you answer in mail.

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