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Upgrading to mSecure 5

mSecure 5 includes both Free and Pro features. The Free features can be used forever at no cost. The Pro features are free to try for 30-days. After that, a single one-time purchase (paid upgrade) entitles you to use the Pro features on all of your devices on multiple platforms.

You can download mSecure 5 for free here:





Paid users simply have to sign in to the mSecure account they created and used to purchase an mSecure 5 license.

We recommend starting with mSecure 5 on a device that has the previous versions installed so that mSecure 5 can walk you through the migration process: Otherwise, you can always restore from a .msim backup file created in the previous versions:

You can also search our articles on how to create backups of mSecure 3 or 4 here.

I am a payed member, can't figure how to upgrade to the latest version. I have 5.5.2 version and would like to update on iMac. How? TX

HI Hugo,

I'm not sure I understand your issue. Click on the Mac link above to go to the mSecure 5 page to download mSecure 5 from the Mac App Store or simply open the Mac App Store, search mSecure, and download mSecure 5.

Paid users simply have to sign in to the mSecure account they created and used to purchase an mSecure 5 license.

Please note that I couldn't find an mSecure account for the email address you are using on this website.

I am with you folks since 2011, my activation code was REMOVED LICENSE NUMBER.

I receive your notifications at this email: I'll download from your link,

TX Hugo

there does not seem to be an update....

Hi Hugo,

I'm not sure what you mean. mSecure 5.5.2 is the latest version of mSecure 5. If you received marketing emails but already have mSecure 5.5 or mSecure 5.5.2 and a paid license, please ignore the email.

There is no mSecure account for If you're using another account in mSecure 5, again, please ignore our marketing material.

ok, TX , don't remember what email address I used

i get the upgrade offer for 14.99.  (UPGRADE TO V.5)

however, I  can't log in to make purchase.

HI John,

It looks like you managed to figure it out. Are you still needing help?

I do have Version 5.5.2 on MacOS High Sierra: Can you tell me until when you plan to solve the crashing problem? I did not get any answers from you yet. Not being able to access my Passwords blocks my work heavily!


 Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. Did take a look at our support articles or forum topics for help?

Forum topic:

Support article:


i get the upgrade offer for 14.99 in the last days and also today.  (UPGRADE TO V.5)

Now i have downloaded the new app and have sign up. But now i don't get an purchase. If i want to upgrade to pro-version it does cost 29,99 $.

Can you help me?

Hi Karsten,

Thank you for contacting us. Please email us at or create a new ticket here for any information about possible discounts.



Cant sync in v 3.5.6 on Windows 10 so tried to upgrade -- got Error ; Can't access website with updates -- 

Hi Morley,

Please create your own topic to handle your own specific issues. You're replying to an mSecure 5 upgrade topic. That said, 3.5.6 is the latest version of our old app.

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