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merging 2 accounts

 I have been paying for a family account since joining in 2022. Unknown to me my wife has been paying for an individual account via the Apple App store for the same period. Is there a way to bring her existing info under the family plan we have?



Hi Dale,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. For mSecure Family subscriptions, we started offering that in version 6.1, which was about a year ago. It was not available in 2022. Before 2022, if paying for two separate subscriptions was how it worked. Now we have an mSecure Family Plan, so you can add up to 5 family accounts to that subscription, and all the accounts will be covered with a Premium subscription.

We'll be able to get this figured out, but it would be best to move our correspondence to email instead of the forum. I'm going to have to ask you for you and your wife's email addresses for your mSecure accounts, so it would be best to send that through a private email. Please email me "" and after you send the email, respond here so I can look for the ticket in our system. I'll respond as soon as I see your email.

Thanks for the response. I realized just after posting that I wasn't using the support feature. Sorry to have posted unnecessarily. Currently working the problem with another support agent.

No problem at all Dale, and thank you for the follow-up.

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